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Kitchen Décor Buying Guide

Modern kitchen with green wall with shelves, plants, clock and other wall decorations.

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Why buy kitchen wall decor?

Depending on your relationship with food and your culinary abilities, the kitchen can be the center of your home. Besides being a place where delicious meals are served, it can also serve as a central gathering space where you and your loved ones decompress after a long day, share enjoyable experiences, and build memories together. So, it makes sense that in a sacred space, you want a bit of decor that reflects your personality and brings it to life. Boring bare walls can make your home feel austere, so warm it up with some wall decor.

What should be considered when buying kitchen wall decor?

  • placement: Always think about where you want to place your wall decor. In addition to the basics of making sure that the decor you want to purchase matches the space you intend to hang, also consider practicality. Are you trying to hang something on your stove that could present a fire hazard? Or are you trying to expand the storage in your kitchen but want to put the decor in a place that doesn’t prevent you from opening the cabinet doors?
  • Installation method: Your options are hardware mounts that require tools and screws or damage-free adhesive options. If you rent, the damage-free option can help protect your security deposit. Meanwhile, if you choose a very large decor item, hardware mounts may be your only option as they offer the best stability and durability.
  • Careers: Although not a requirement, wall decor in your kitchen can do more than just look good. It can serve as additional storage space, as a time recorder, and more.
  • style: While you can choose utilitarian solutions, there is no reason not to choose options that reflect your personal style. Whether you’re a minimalist, love a good farmhouse vibe, or a fan of mid-century modern decor, there really is something for everyone.

Do you need to buy kitchen wall decor?

Technically, no. Some kitchens won’t have much space on the wall to decorate with virtually all the cupboards and backsplashes there might be. But if you have wall space and love the idea of ​​a home that feels more welcoming, a few pieces of well-chosen décor items can go a long way toward creating a unifying aesthetic in your home.

Our picks for the best kitchen wall decor

Best Personal Tag

Positives: While this is a niche product, some people love the idea of ​​customizing their entire kitchen. Although monograms may be the go-to option, many people love full name variants like this vintage-inspired sign. Add your name to make it known that you can throw it in the kitchen. It measures 8 by 12 inches, with three other sizes available.

Negatives: Lean toward a form of Americana décor that may not appeal to everyone.

minimum: Customization fans will love this fun vintage sign that evokes classic Americana images and mentality of Route 66. Although cute, it can be tricky to fit in homes with other decor schemes.

Best group

Positives: For those who love a good rustic decor scheme, this adorable rustic-inspired set of three cutting boards with decorative serving utensils will be a must-have for their home. It’s available in six colors, so there’s a color palette that suits most modern color options.

Negatives: Although pretty, keep in mind that these cutting boards and utensils are not actually intended to be used. So, if you’re hoping that form and function combine, you’ll want to keep shopping. Plus, if you’re not a fan of rustic kitchens, this might not be ideal for you.

minimum: Fans of rustic, farmhouse, and rickety decor will love this five-piece set with three cutting boards that spell out the word “EAT” and accompanying utensils. With six colors and an easy installation, this is a solid choice. But if you’re looking for functional wall art or aren’t a huge fan of the rustic farm theme, this might not be for you.

best watch

Positives: Being able to tell the time is one of those necessities that hardly seems like a splurge. But if you’re looking for a piece of kitchen wall decor that can double as a conversation piece, you can’t get any better than this unique wall clock. It features a set of kitchen utensils complete with forks, spoons, and spoons, all set in the correct locations to show the hours of the day.

Negatives: As with the other selections in this guide, décor is subjective. So, while the whimsical design may appeal to many, it can be challenging for others.

minimum: Let your wall art do the talking for you with this fun wall clock that features kitchen gadgets as hour markers. Although it is unique, it may not be a success for everyone.

best wall stickers

Positives: Word wall art has been a popular solution for adding decor without the fuss of installing hardware stands for some time now. And if you want to translate that into your kitchen, you’ll love this pick from Picniva. With 14 options to choose from and an easy installation process, you can transform your kitchen in no time.

Negatives: Keep in mind that you need to work comprehensively and methodically during the installation process to remove all bubbles so that it looks like it was painted on the wall instead of the sticker that was applied.

minimum: If you want to freshen up your kitchen quickly, you can’t go wrong with this sticker. It is easy to use, easy to install and guaranteed.

Best installed wine holder

Positives: For those seeking to combine form and function, a wall-mounted wine rack is the perfect solution. It can store five wine bottles and hang four wine glasses so you’re always ready for happy hour.

Negatives: If you’re renting, you may want to think twice, as this choice requires a hardware installation for durability. This may seem like an unnecessary purchase for people who don’t drink alcohol.

minimum: If you’re shopping for functional kitchen decor, this wine rack that also holds wine glasses is a solid choice. But if you don’t drink wine or don’t want to mount it on the wall, you may want to take a look at our other picks.

last thoughts

There are many options when it comes to choosing the right kitchen wall art for the overall décor scheme of your home. These choices are a great place to start.

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