Best Toy Storage Organizers 2022

If your living room resembles a toy-filled playroom disaster, you’re not alone. Toy storage organizers, from handy cubbies to stylish baskets, can help parents regain control of the overwhelming, ever-growing toy mess.

I spoke with several professional organizers and interior designers who shared their favorite toy storage furniture, benches and bins to help manage the seemingly insurmountable buildup of action figures, stuffed animals, Lego and puzzle pieces.

“The first [step] is to narrow down what the kids actually want and need,” says Brandie Larsen. She and her sister Ryan Eiesland, the professional organizers behind Sacramento-based Home Sort, believe that kids can also enjoy getting their Marie Kondo on.

“Kids love a chance to make the decisions and be in the driver’s seat,” says Eiesland. During the editing process, the duo helps assess every item in a child’s room and work with parents and kids to decide if each toy or game is something they still want and if they actively play with it. “If not, it goes in the toss or donate pile,” she says. Everything that’s staying put then gets organized into a system that makes sense and the child can maintain.

New York-based professional organizer Andrew Mellen relies on his Organizational Triangle method to keep a home clutter-free. The idea here lies in establishing a dedicated spot for each item, meaning everything from Lego to the Hot Wheels live in that toy storage organizer alone or on that toy storage shelf. This makes it easier to find these toys when kids are ready to play and less painful when it comes time to put them back. Next, these items are categorized in a way that makes sense: markers and watercolors with all other art supplies, stuffed animals with stuffed animals, baby dolls with baby dolls and so on. “I’ve taught the organization triangle to 4-year-olds… and it’s fun to gamify the experience as well,” he says. A fun way to make a game out of it? Set a timer for 10 minutes. Whoever gets the most stuff into the correct toy storage area or bin gets a treat of their choice.

Best Toy Storage Organizers To Clean Up Fast

Clear Storage Bins Make Toys Easy To Find

When it comes to storage options for toddlers and little kids, Mellen is a firm believer in open-top clear storage bins. “We do not put lids on anything we want children to interact with because if they have a physical barrier between them and the home for something, you might as well put a brick wall there. They will not go through the lid to put stuff away,” he says. Instead he recommends using uniform plastic tubs that are clear so kids can easily see what’s inside them.

These Linus Cube Bins stand up to all sorts of rough kid handling and won’t be scratched or stained by messy art supplies or Hot Wheels. The large size (12 x 12 x 12 inch) fits perfectly on most bookshelves, too.

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Toy Storage For Small Items With Labels

After a round of toy editing, the Home Sort sisters sort and categorize the remaining items. They’re left with all those same odds and ends that parents turn up on cleaning day, from Barbie clothes to slime to tiny eraser heads. One toy storage tool that helps them in this crazy process is another clear storage bin. They recommend these small mDesign containers—that come with premade labels— for corralling small or unwieldy toys. The small hinged lid on these boxes allow parents to place these toy storage organizers atop one another, turning an ugly mess into neat stacks!

Pretty Toy Storage For Living Rooms

The only thing better than teaching your child to embrace being tidy and organized with their things is giving them storage options that don’t make your home look like a child’s classroom. These decorative baskets fit in with an array of decor styles and look like something we might pick up for ourselves to store throw blankets or magazines. Instead, show your kids that this is where they can keep tubs of Play-Doh and video game controllers for better toy storage for living rooms and playrooms.

Cleverly Disguised Toy Storage Fabric Bins

These incredibly affordable storage cubes are soft and light, making them easily totable for kids of many ages. They’re nearly a foot tall, so they’re deep enough to hold a number of kid things, including books, dolls or stuffed animals, and they fit “just right” onto a bookcase shelf. They’re pretty enough to place in the nursery or living room and come in a variety of colors. The portability of these toy storage organizers means that neatness—not messes—can follow them from room to room.

Open And Accessible Toy Storage For Playrooms

Jessica Davis, owner and principal designer of JL Design in Nashville, describes this Mack & Milo toy storage organizer as a must-have for every playroom. The piece features a dozen open storage baskets that are set on an angle, which makes it easier for kids to see and grab toys, as well as toss them back in when the clean up song starts to play. It’s affordable enough that some families stack two of these side-by-side and call it a day in terms of create toy storage for the playroom or even living room.

Mix In Some Closed Toy Storage For A Neater Look


“We love open shelving alongside cabinets to show off signature toys and books for a fun and playful vibe, as well as to stash the rest so it doesn’t get too busy,” says Kelsey Fisher, Havenly lead designer. One cabinet brand she particularly loves is this Pottery Barn Kids Cameron Wall System. “It allows you to mix-and-match pieces to best serve your space and storage needs,” she says. Also, it holds a lot of stuff!

A Toy Storage Shelf That Doubles As A Bench

The only way to ensure kids will keep up with styles like Mellen’s Organizational Triangle method is to make it as accessible as possible. This cubby-inspired bookcase does so by being low to the ground, so kids of all ages can use it to store and organize everything from board books to plushies. This toy storage furniture comes in four neutral tones to match nearly any bed or playroom. You can stack bins on top of it (or sit on it), as well as in the cubbies. The Rue comes in a number of sizes, including six, eight and 12-cube configurations, so you can scale up or down, depending on your space.

Keep It Hidden With A Classic Toy Storage Box

It’s one thing to see all of your kids’ toys tucked away in an orderly fashion, and don’t get us wrong, we live for it—but what if you couldn’t see the mess? When you’re all tapped out on storage options that display their books, toys and accessories, a modern toy box is a quick and easy way to keep the less cute things (looking at you, swamp monster doll) out of sight. Plus, the storage capacity here is quite large (31.5-inches wide x 12.5-inches deep x 14.5-inches tall), and the child-safe lid that stays open at any angle means it won’t ever slam shut on tiny fingers.

Affordable Cubbies Are Essential Toy Storage Furniture

“You do not need a lot of furniture to keep things organized in a kids’ space,” says Idaho-based Decorist designer, Mikayla Keating. Her advice: Keep pieces minimal and the room layout simple to make more room for play. One furniture item she does love including is a cubby-style shelf. Just add soft bins with handles that are easy to grab, and you have a perfect toy solution.

Can You Ever Have Enough Bins?

This is another affordable open-shelving toy storage option for the playroom. This one offers nine bins, each angled for little hands. This type of toy organizer gives kids the opportunity to put Larsen and Eiesland’s method to work, placing each type of toy into an individual bin. One bin can hold art supplies like colored pencils and crayons, another can store construction paper, a third can store Lego, while another is in charge of Barbie and her many outfits.

Genius Lego Storage For All Those Tiny Pieces

When it comes to Lego (one of the peskiest toys to organize), Davis goes right to the source. The brand’s Lego Storage Brick Drawer has two spacious compartments for all those little parts or any toy or office supply really. Designed like the iconic Lego brick, the box features eight oversized studs that connect to additional Brick drawers when you run out of space—which is often if you have a Lego fanatic. The fun design also comes in a variety of bold colors.

Art Supply Storage On Wheels

New York-based interior designer Casey DeBois of DeBois Design follows the Montessori system of everything having its place, which she believes also helps kids clean up and put things back where they’re supposed to be. “The more systems in place, the easier it is for everyone to follow,”she says. To corral art supplies she likes a rolling cart. “It keeps everything contained, you can easily see your supplies, and it’s mobile.” This popular rolling cart comes in a number of fun hues including a pretty green for the living room or a pink for the nursery.

A Perfect For Tots Montessori Playshelf

“When it comes to kids’ storage, the most important thing is to keep it simple and at eye level,” says Hudson, NY-based interior designer Nicole Fisher of BNR Interiors.  She likes keeping baskets and books on low shelves so they can easily access them. This sleek, Montessori-style playshelf is crafted from birchwood and comes with two wooden trays and two storage bins for added organization. Plus, the ample hidden storage in the back allows for easy toy rotation.

Frequently Asked Questions On Toy Storage

What’s The Best Way To Store A Lot Of Toys?

You don’t necessarily need a ton of space to store a lot of toys at once. Utilizing one of the options laid out here with multiple bins, shelves or cubbies provides immediate and ample dedicated space for your kids many things. By utilizing Mellen’s Organizational Triangle method, each one of these bins, storage baskets or shelves can serve a purpose according to its given category, like cooking toys or art supplies.

How Do You Encourage Kids To Put Their Toys Away?

One of Mellen’s best tricks for getting kids to not only put their things away but enjoy doing it, is to make it a game. Either with multiple kids or your child and yourself, turn cleanup time into a fun, timed competition. At the end of a minute, whoever puts the most toys away in the right places the fastest gets a special treat like extra screen time or choosing the next night’s dinner. Don’t be surprised when they get so good at it that they win—often.

Are There Any Safety Concerns With Toy Chests?

One of our favorite items on this list is the Crate & Barrel wooden toy chest that not only keeps toys hidden away, but it’s safe for kids to use too. The ingenious hinges on the chest’s lid keep it open at any angle, so your child’s fingers will never end up squished beneath its weight.

Make sure all heavy items are properly anchored to the wall and teach kids never to climb furniture. Keep an eye out for toy storage furniture designed specifically for families with soft corners, soft close, lacking small pieces and including all the necessary anti-tip supplies. No matter how safe these pieces are, make sure to read the included instruction booklet and look out for warnings that advise parents to be in the same room as their kids when they’re using them.

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