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Using a water filtration system at home is a great way to make sure the H₂O entering your body is the best — however, not many of us have the luxury of installing filtration systems in the plumbing or under the sink.

From portable water filter jugs, tabletop water filtration systems, to ‘over the tap’ solutions, we’ve rounded up Australia’s best water filters that are easy to use and install and ideal for renters (and homeowners).

Australia’s best water filters

1. Philips 3L Instant Water Filter Dispenser, $79.96 (usually $99.95), Meyer

Philips instant water filter

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Enjoy filtered water instantly at the touch of a button with the Philips 3 Liter Water Dispenser. The Micro X-Clean filter features highly porous activated carbon, and delivers a flow four times faster than regular filter pitchers. The Micro X-Clean filter reduces chlorine, lead, pesticides and microplastics in your water so you can stay hydrated all day long.

The dispenser fits most refrigerator doors for those who like a refreshing cup of cold water on demand. Or you can place it on a countertop for easy access – and with its slim, minimalist design, it will fit seamlessly into most kitchen designs.

2. Breville AquaStation Air Purifier, $199, The Good Guys

Breville Aquastation purifier

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Place the Breville AquaStation Air Purifier on your kitchen countertop or in your home office, providing great-tasting filtered water in an instant.

Thanks to Activ360’s four-stage fast-flow water filtration technology, it removes contaminants that cause bad taste and odor. Microplastics and floating particles are captured in the first mesh sediment pre-filter, then lime and minerals in the second ion exchange resin filter. Pesticides and chloride are filtered in the third active carbon filter, and finally, the fine particles are captured in another filter. Plus, the generous 3-liter tank means you’ll spend less time filling the jug, and more time staying hydrated.

3. Philips XXXL 4L Water Filter Jug in Mint Green, $39.96, Meyer

Philips xxxl water filter green

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Start your day with pure and pure tasting water. The Philips XXXL Water Filter Jug features a Micro X-Clean filter to effectively remove contaminants. Not only are your waters purer than ever, the trendy mint green hues would fit perfectly at home in any contemporary kitchen and living space.

4. TAPP PitcherPro, $99, TAPP Water


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While other water filter pitchers collect filtered water at the base, TAPP PitcherPro filters the water as it is poured, eliminating the waiting time typically associated with traditional filter pitchers. Furthermore, it features a three-stage filtration system made up of organic carbon fibers and comes in a handy 1.45L jug for ease of use.

5. Sunbeam Water Purifier, $145, Hardware Online

Sunbeam surrounding water purifier

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You can choose ambient or cooled water with this water filtration system by Sunbeam. Place it on the kitchen counter to get the surrounding filtered water, or fill the included 2-liter jug ​​and put it in the fridge for a chilled option.

6. Britta Marella Jug, $38, The Good Guys


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When we talk about water filter jugs, the one that comes to mind is the famous Brita water jugs. A favorite in many Australian homes for pure, fresh water, the Brita Marella features a MAXTRA+ filter that uses MicroFlow technology to provide unparalleled high levels of filtration. Furthermore, a built-in electronic indicator comes in handy when the filter needs replacing so that nothing but fresh water is detected.

7. Brita Flow Barrel and Filter, $75,


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Perfect for large families, this Brita 8.2L water filter will keep everyone hydrated with fresh water 24/7. Designed to fit in your refrigerator, placed on a countertop for frequent use, or to bring to a picnic or outdoor gathering. It features the same MAXTRA+ filter that effectively reduces metals such as lead and copper and chemicals such as chlorine, lime and other sediments.

8. PUR Plus Faucet Mount, $57.76, Amazon

PUR-Plus-dark-gray-mount-mount faucet filter

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With an average rating of 4.5 stars from over 1,100 reviews on Amazon, it’s easy to see why the PUR Plus holder faucet is a popular choice for those who want filtered water – straight from the tap. The PUR Plus Faucet Filter is easy to install and compatible with most faucets. It features a metal core that filters tap water and reduces 70 impurities including lead and mercury. In elegant dark gray, it will blend seamlessly with modern matte black flatware.

9. Philips X-Guard On Tap Water Filter, $58.32, Amazon

Philips-x-guard-on-tap filter

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Another great solution that comes with a tap is the Philips X-Guard water filter. With innovative natural charcoal filtration that reduces chlorine and other substances by 99 percent, purified water is an arm of choice apart. Choose from three modes – filtered water for drinking, unfiltered jet water and water spray for cleaning.

10. TAPP Water EcoPro Starter Pack, $99, TAPP Water

water filter

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Simply plug the EcoPro directly into the faucet and watch the ultra-fine filtration in action. Filtering lime and over 100 contaminants while retaining important minerals in your water, the TAPP Water EcoPro Starter Pack is an easy (and healthy) addition to your home.

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