‘Better Call Saul’ Pictures: Vince Gilligan on Loyalty, Patience & Rewards

This is the same inflatable used for Too bad, And it turned out to be fortunate that they kept it. “Peter Gold The show maker was with me, his question to us was, “Does he have to be the exact same puff?” And his point is well taken: Did Saul Goodman actually end up buying this thing from the Kettlemans? ‘ says Gilligan. ‘There must be a million of these laws of liberty, right?’ Well, here are the things Not Everywhere. Our crew, who are good at finding objects wherever they are on planet Earth, have found one that is probably 12 feet high. This thing is 30 feet tall. And it would have cost an insane amount of money to buy it and move it. We didn’t have much choice here.”

Then there was the matter of circumstances – again, this was filmed in the actual desert, and it was windy. “If this thing had torn in the wind, which was an obvious possibility, we would have screwed up,” Gilligan says. And he remembers it’s about 30 feet tall: “Beautiful Mrs. Liberty, over there, loves to dance in the wind. Keeping this crazy thing inflating was hard work—for about eight people,” reveals Donacci. (Gilligan adds, “It’s like a Macy’s parade.”)

This shot is another work to honor the last scene from 1968 planet of the apes, With Charlton Heston sobbing in front of the destroyed Statue of Liberty in a futuristic timeline. Gilligan was very stern debating the repetition of that particular shot, right down to the “fluctuations of geography” (which was on the beach; this is in the desert) and from what angle the characters go toward the statues in question. Nailing this kind of epic reference point was crucial to unveiling such a major franchise. It was also done, again, with a kind of comic spin, as Jimmy faced a giant inflatable flattener in awe, as opposed to actual destruction. (Gilligan even had Odenkirk say the classic “madmen” line monkeys But he chose not to use it. “Bob did it really well,” Donacci recalls. “He wasn’t messing around.”)

Shot details, due to the weather, require a great deal of preparation. “We got a big old techno winch and measured it all out, making sure it was going to be the right height, and had to swing the camera in order to detect and get to this shot,” Donacci says. “We didn’t want to see it while Jimmy was walking – it’s just luck, really, whether the thing is going off in the right direction.” Gilligan adds, “All these guys were trying to catch her, hold on to the ropes, out of the frame, trying to keep the crown in the shot with the wind blowing.”

Where is the bloating now? “I suppose it’s in stock,” Gilligan says. “Well, secretly, I hope he’s on his way to the Smithsonian Institution.”

Nacho leads to the end

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