Better Homes and Gardens: July 15

This Friday is a day Better Homes and Gardens, Gorgeous plastic, dark garden lighting art and banana cake with blackberries…. mmm.

Joanna – Cool Cover
It can take hundreds of years for plastic to decompose, which means that nearly every piece of plastic you’ve touched is still on the planet in some form. But one Australian couple has come up with a solution – plastic that not only degrades quickly, but is compostable. While Joh tours the factory, she learns the story of this eco-friendly startup, sees the manufacturing process and discovers how it goes from humble potato waste to packaging chips.

Juliette + Adam – Elegant and Squirting Bathroom: Getting It Right
The bathroom isn’t just a place to shower, brush your teeth and go to the bathroom, it’s the place where you rejuvenate each morning and draw inspiration for the day. The bathroom where the door hits the toilet will not renovate much. So, with Adam’s help, Juliet renovated the bathroom with a modern and elegant touch and made it ready for the homeowners to start their day the right way.

Karen Banana Slab Cake with Blackberries
Is there anything better than cake? How about an easy-to-make cake? Karen’s latest recipe is a large flat slab of banana cake that can be easily baked in a tray and cut into large finger pieces or larger squares. Serve with yogurt or ice cream and an extra drizzle of maple syrup; This is easy to assemble and very tasty.

Fast Ed – Better Basics: Christmas in July Family Roast Beef
Six months is too long to wait for Christmas dinner. So split the teams and you can do that in the middle of the year too! Ed’s got a classic recipe made easier than ever. Beef fillet, cranberry sauce, broth, BBQ sauce, grilled vegetables. You can’t go wrong!

Fast Ed – Better Basics: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 – Party Cake Countdown
We all celebrate special occasions. And what better way to celebrate than with a delicious chocolate cake? Three layers of cake, buttercream icing and white and dark chocolate on top, you won’t get much more than that. With Ed’s Celebration Cake, you’ll amaze your friends and family and celebrate in style.

Graham – The Unusual Strange Garden
Secluded from the outside world is a unique property filled with an amazing array of plants. Tonight, Graham visits a strange, unusual garden created by Clint, a passionate, unpretentious, plant-crazy collector of plants. He made his career by creating stunning tropical gardens, dry gardens, designer gardens, and gardens you’ve only dreamed of. This ecstasy inspired travel around the world to acquire new materials and find the latest and greatest collectibles of plants. Enter the gates and the journey begins!

Charlie – Get lit
Garden lighting may seem overwhelming at first, but by following a few basic do’s and don’ts, you can enjoy your own bright festival of light every day of the year! But with so many different options, where do you start? Charlie will break the cable…and the dark art of garden lighting.

Dr. Harry – Chaos in the Hen House
Dr. Harry makes another visit to the Neville family’s hobby farm, where their hens don’t treat the hen house with the respect it deserves. They don’t crouch or defecate in the right places. Like us, for scammers, it’s all about convenience and security. With a slight change of setup in the hen house, their problems would be resolved.

It’s 7 p.m. Friday on 7/7TWO.

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