Better Homes and Gardens: July 22

this week Better Homes and Gardens Joanna Greggs interviews sports and Paralympic commentator Annabelle Williams.

Joanna – Annabelle Williams – Paralympic and sports commentator
Olympic gold medalist, lawyer, motivational speaker and mother, Annabelle Williams has worn many hats over the years. Next, she’ll travel to Birmingham as a sports commentator for the 2022 Commonwealth Games, but before she goes, Annabelle shows fellow commentator Joanna about her favorite spot in the whole world: her family’s home in Blackheath. It’s where Annabelle feels the most down to earth and the perfect place to find out what drives this amazing woman to succeed in her life and career.

Adam – Your beautiful country seat
Tonight, Adam builds an Australian hardwood bench that will look great in any outdoor setting. This is really a project that you can have a crack at this weekend. All the materials are easy to get at the hardware store, easy to make, and will cost less than you might expect to pay for it at the store. And the beautiful thing about it, that the harsher it was, the more eternally rustic it seemed!

Ed Fast – Sweet Potato and Bacon Pancakes
Tired of your usual cooking repertoire? This week, Fast Ed shows you how to mix it up without breaking the bank. The whole family will love these cheesy sweet potato pancakes, stuffed with bacon and then served with a roasted tomato salad. Best of all, it will cost you $15 to feed the whole family, making this dish a real winner.

Fast Ed – Apple Beignets with Caramel Sauce
Beignets may sound fancy, but this Dutch dessert is really simple and inexpensive. In fact, apple slices fried in batter are one of Ed’s all-time favorite desserts—and combined with a salty caramel sauce, this dish is absolute perfection.

Charlie – Dune bashing – Sorrento
The sand dunes of Sorrento, on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, are hardly what plant lovers dream of. Combined with the cool, humid southern regions and hot northern regions and the salt-laden air, even the most experienced gardeners will find creating a garden here nearly impossible. But landscaper Steve Taylor has worked his magic and created a stunning and unique Mediterranean garden full of inspiration. With ornamental pears, stone walls, and plenty of lovely green plants, there is plenty here for Charlie to explore.

Graham – Perostygia Profile
Some may know it as ‘Flame Vine’, others as ‘Orange Trumpet Vine’, but for plant lovers Pyrostegia is the perfect plant to brighten up a gloomy winter. This evergreen vine will add plenty of orange to your winter garden, and Graham shares his top tips on how to grow and care for it.

Graham – A Few Gardening Jobs for the Winter
You might think midwinter isn’t the best time to go out to the garden, especially with the weather what it is, but it’s a good time to do some easy weekend jobs in the garden. With winter coming to a close, this is the perfect moment to get out and prepare your garden for spring with some loving care, repaint a rose or add a little cheer to the garden with some potted color!

Melissa – natural potions and lotions for your garden
There’s nothing worse than a backyard full of weeds, pests, and diseases…except for a load of nasty chemicals, of course! This week, Melissa will show you how to keep your garden healthy using all natural ingredients you can find in your pantry. Not only will these recipes keep your garden chemical-free, they also work!

JULIET – Amazing on the outside, smart on the inside
Lacking storage in your kitchen? Do you find it difficult to put everything in drawers and cupboards? It’s time for smart internal storage! Sometimes all it takes are a few clever storage tricks to create a more organized kitchen that runs more efficiently and makes life a lot easier.

Dr. Harry – Wolfhound’s Walking Issues
Dr. Harry has a dog problem unlike anything he’s seen before: a dog that doesn’t like to walk! It may sound like non-comic behavior but in fact, there may be a more serious reason why Spud the Irish Wolfhound behaves this way, as Dr. Harry is about to find out.

It’s 7 p.m. Friday on 7/7TWO.

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