Better Homes and Gardens: June 24

this week Better Homes and GardensHe’s visiting Mystery Bay, Bundaberg, and Williamstown for stories of country escapes, passion fruit and the hound club.

Joanna and Pete: Mystery Bay House
Joanna and Pete travel to the far south coast of New South Wales to visit a magical home that celebrates its stunning location. Surrounded by rolling hills and stunning countryside, this home in Mystery Bay was not only built to accommodate its environment but was built using local materials that perfectly suited the site as well. Designed by the father and son team, this home is just as gorgeous as the surrounding landscape.

Adam: Laundry repair and storage
Sinks are probably the only room in the house where form always follows function. But in order to function properly it still needs a good design, so the space works efficiently and effectively. Adam found a sink that doesn’t do the most with what it has, so he’ll add some shelves to take advantage of a lot of wasted space, prevent leaks with silicone, and then restore the table top to its original bamboo finish, because this room could still use a bit of form.

Fast Ed: Passion Fruit
Taking a trip across the Queensland coast is a must for every Australian and Fast Ed is no exception. He took a trip to discover all the amazing things Bundaberg has to offer. Barrier Reef, Whitsunday… But when was the last time you came to Bundaberg? It is one of the great food dishes in Australia with all kinds of fruits and vegetables. Taking advantage of that, Ed makes a simple four-ingredient dessert, which actually dates back to the Middle Ages and highlights some of the most delicious passion fruits and strawberries you’ll ever eat.

Ed Saree: Moroccan Aubergine and Tomato Salad
While in Bundaberg, Ed only had to use fresh vegetables to cook with, so while salads aren’t usually considered winter food, this North African salad is warm, so it’s still perfect for those colder months. With fresh, spicy flavors, rich, charred vegetables, and the perfect light and delicious bread, this may not sound like the salad you’re used to, but it will hit the spot. Just don’t be like Ed and forget to buy some garlic!

Charlie: Use that side space
With more and more people working from home, creating a space outside your window where you work can be challenging, especially if that space only has hard surfaces like a small deck, patio, or balcony. In this story, Charlie will show you how to turn your small space into a mini green potted oasis, featuring a small fold-down table perfect for a coffee break or even work on those nice sunny days. A collection of potted plants transforms this once useful area into a soft and serene environment that invites you to meander through the space with a sense of calm and intrigue.

Melissa: Fountain of Foliage
Garden water features seem expensive and challenging but Melissa will show you a simple DIY fountain like 1,2,3. Seriously, this project only uses three pots or containers. The fountain will be set in a garden bed with only shaded or dim lighting, so Melissa will explore some shade-tolerant foliage options with a range of colors to brighten the area.

Daniela: a functional, beautiful and quiet bedroom
Daniela helps a young couple by transforming their bedroom into a place of peace and quiet. The current layout is not practical and transforming the space with a different layout will open up the room and allow more storage space. The new furniture will give the room a romantic, contemporary look. The bedroom will become a classic master bedroom with a long-lived look, perfect for a young family.

James: Winter Home Safety
Winter is really coming and there is no better way to unwind than in a warm home with a steaming hot meal. But keeping ourselves warm can come with additional risks. Home fires and other hazards often make heating your home in the winter a worrisome task. Fortunately, technology has gone a long way to becoming safer and smarter, which means you can enjoy those winter days without the added stress. With that in mind, James will show you how smart technology can keep you warm and safe.

Dr. Harry: Basset Buddies
This week, Dr. Harry is looking for a club with only one membership rule: you need to own a hound to join or be one yourself! In the picturesque seaside town of Williamstown, near Melbourne, this furry club gathers monthly to picnic and have fun…they even dress up as adorable bassets! Dr. Harry joins in the fun to discover what makes the Basset Hound special and what problems bother the beloved breed

It’s 7 p.m. Friday on 7/7TWO.

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