Big Dzz House BBQ opens in Tallmadge

It’s seven in the morning – it’s pork chop time. and ribs. and chicken. Make some fresh sauce. And don’t forget the sides.

It’s only been a few hours since the lunch rush begins at Big Dzz House BBQ, and owner A’Delbert Cobbin is in the kitchen sweating.

For nearly a decade, Cobbin, originally from Firestone Park, has been supplying the Akron area with homemade barbecue and Southern food from a food truck. Now, Big Dzz has found a home in Tallmadge at 284 West Ave.

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“I never stopped wanting to fulfill my dream, which is to cook for other people,” he said. “I love him. I can stand in the kitchen all day and it doesn’t bother me.”

A'Delbert Cobbin owns Big Dzz House BBQ in Tallmadge.

Growing up, he watched his family cook the holidays from scratch, and in high school sparked his interest in cooking professionally. By the time he turned 16, Cobain was working in the kitchen.

Cobbin opened the brick-and-mortar road to Big Dzz on April 25 after seeing the building empty for several months.

“I’ve been rolling along this street for so long and this place just fell into my lap,” he said. “A couple of months ago, I was walking around West Avenue again and saw the ‘Rent’ sign. I called and said I was ready to move on.”

He said his food truck will remain in use and that he continues to serve food, but is looking for more help to join his one-person company

Cobain, a single father of five children and eight grandchildren, does everything himself – from cooking and cleaning to taking orders. But he said his kids help out when he really needs it.

The only thing he loves more than cooking is his family. He said his grandmother had the biggest influence in the kitchen.

“My parents and grandmother were from Mississippi,” he said. “She taught me that when you cook, you better cook enough for everyone.” “I used to ask her why she cooks so much and she says, ‘You never know who’s going to stop’ but you better be sure you’ve had enough. If you’re coming, you’ll go eat.”

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