Big Sandy, Native Texas Luffy Smith is excited to lead the Houston Texans

Every weekend from now until February sees a soccer match somewhere and fans everywhere are filled with new hope about their teams next season.

One guy who is really excited for the upcoming season is an East Texan native who now has a chance to lead a professional Texan team, which is truly a Texas kids’ soccer dream when you think about it!

Born in Gladwater, Smith grew up in Big Sandy where he played a vital role in one of the great defenses in Texas high school football history when he helped Big Sandy win three consecutive state championships in 1973, 1974 and 1975. Smith was a pick An All State defensive end and linebacker and after he finished college, he returned to Big Sandy as a defensive coordinator for the Wildcats which started his legendary and impressive coaching career.

After leading several teams including the Chicago Bears where he became the first black coach to lead a team to the Super Bowl in 2006, he’s finally back in the driver’s seat as head coach for the Houston Texans, a job he says is “everything I could ask for.”

According to CBS19, Smith said the following this week at training camp on Tuesday:

It was a dream come true. As a Big Sandy native and a high school producer in the Lone Star State, I understand what it means to be a Texan and how important the game of soccer is to all of us…it means more here. I’ve always wanted to be a head coach in this state, so leading this program is really special. Just seeing how much the fans care about football and care about winning – was everything I would ask for.” – Luffy Smith

From Big Sandy to H-Town, we’ll root for your Coach Smith success!

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