Birmingham order planning week ends May 7 | Part 2

Various planning requests have been submitted to Birmingham City Council.

The list below, taken from the Birmingham City Council website on Friday, May 13th, contains a portion two One of the planning applications that became effective in the previous week.

  • 2022/02605/PA: Installation of a two-story rear and one-story side extension. 110 Craythorne Avenue, Handsworth Wood, in Birmingham, B20 1LN. Householder.
  • 2022/03190/PA: Demolition of the existing conservatory by creating a one-story back extension. 47 Mitchley Lane, Harbourne, in Birmingham, B17 0HT. Householder.
  • 2022/00565/PA: One-story rear extension installation and cantilever installation in the rear, two lights on the ceiling in the front. 4 Bull Street, Harbourne, in Birmingham, B17 0HH. Householder. The location is within Greenfield Road, Harborne Conservation Area.
  • 2022/03197/PA: Request for a legal certificate of hip-to-gable conversion. 57 Queens Park Road, Harbourne, Birmingham, B32 2LB. Project use/proposed development.
  • 2022/02470/PA: Installation of one-story rear extensions on the sides, rear and first. 406 Bordesley Green, Bordesley Green, in Birmingham, B9 5NE. Complete planning.
  • 2022/03547/PA: Request for advance notice of installation of an 18-meter telecom mast with equipment cabinets and antennas and accompanying additional development work. Babies Lane, off Wakehole Road, Northfield, in Birmingham, P31. Identifying Communications.
  • 2022/02598/PA: Mixed-use development including change of use to a hotel (up to 155 rooms) (use category C1), with a three-story roof extension with additional restaurant/bar. Use of the ground floor/basement part for commercial, commercial and service uses (use Class E), renovation of the hall and part of the basement for use as event space/nightclub (Sui Generis). Recreation of shop fronts on the ground floor, including the erection of awnings. Methodist Central Hall, 196 – 224 Company Street, Downtown, Birmingham, B4 6QB. Complete planning. The site is within the Steelhouse City Center Conservation Area.
  • 2022/02394/PA: Change of use from Automobile Showroom and Sales (Sui Generis) to Commercial and Commercial Services (use Class E (a)). Unit SU321, Bullring Shopping Centre, Birmingham, B5 4BU. Complete planning.

  • 2022/02607/PA: Listed building approval for change of use and extension of a three-storey roof to construct a hotel (up to 155 rooms) (category C1) and additional restaurant/bar. Renovation and restoration of the shop fronts on the ground floor, including the erection of awnings, hall restoration and other public repair work for the historic fabric. Installation of interior walls, mezzanine floors, elevator shaft insertion and stairs. Methodist Central Hall, 196 – 224 Company Street, Downtown, Birmingham, B4 6QB. Listed building site within the Steelhouse City Center Conservation Area.
  • 2022/03225/PA: Installation update on an existing communications base station of three antennas, one GPS node and associated development. Albert House, 92-93 Edward Street, Birmingham, B1 2RA. Complete planning.
  • 2022/03237/PA: Building approval listed for installation of a new single entrance to the retail unit on the ground floor. 28-29 Great Western Arcade – Ground Floor, Birmingham, B2 5HU. Building included. The location is within Colmore Row and Environs Conservation Area.
  • 2022/03230/PA: Display five unlit free-standing totemic signs, 17 unlit post-installed unlit signs, one unlit panel sign, and one unlit gantry sign. Longbridge Town Centre, Austin Way, Longbridge, in Birmingham, B45. advertisement.
  • 2022/00892 / PA: Construction of two-story side and one-story side extensions. 100 Villa Street, Hockley, Birmingham, B19 1PZ. Householder.
  • 2022/03221/PA: Proposed modernization of rooftop telecommunications. Rooftop at Calvary Church, Oxford Road, Mosley, in Birmingham, B13 8JH. Complete planning.
  • 2022/03235/PA: Building approval listed for proposed upgrade of rooftop telecommunications. Rooftop at Calvary Church, Oxford Road, Mosley, in Birmingham, B13 8JH. Building included.
  • 2022/03217/PA: Proposed demolition of an existing garage, erection of two separate 10-apartment apartment buildings with associated entrances, parking, landscaping, and associated works in West. 16-18 Grayfield Avenue and Land West, 31-33 Grayfield Avenue, Moseley, in Birmingham, B13 9AD. Complete planning.
  • 2022/03248/PA: Installation of a single-storey front extension. 192 Mount Street, Nechells, in Birmingham, B7 5QP. Householder.
  • 2022/03196 / PA: LED sign display internally lit. Former Office Outlet, 1 Aston Cross Business Park, 50 Rocky Lane, Aston, in Birmingham, B6 5RQ. advertisement.
  • 2022/02650/PA: Demolition of existing garages, construction of two residential floors and two garages, and installation of entrance gates. Wild Stern, 2 Mayland Road, Edgbaston, in Birmingham, B16. Complete planning.
  • 2022/01952 / PA: Installation of a pedestrian crossing. 518 Kings Road, Kingstanding, in Birmingham, B44 9JB. Householder.

Relevant documents, complete list of applications and resume can be found online at Birmingham planning portal.

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