Boaz opened an ingenious company in the former Drive-in building in Blandford

Christa Boaz poses in front of her work The Honey Do Service. | Photography by Ryan Richardson

Christa Boaz has big plans for Honey Do Service, a home improvement and repair company. The company opened this week in former Blandford’s Drive-In on Breckenridge Street.

Boaz grew up in Owensboro, but 3 years ago she bought a place in the Smoky Mountains because she decided she wanted to live there. She found a job as an office manager for The Honey Do Service in Sevierville, Tennessee.

“I got some homesickness and decided I wanted to go back,” Boaz said. “I thought this business was booming and there was a need.”

So, she spoke with her fiancé and they called Brad Fluke, the company’s CEO, and he came down to Owensboro. Boaz said Fluke has been here twice and loves it, adding that it was best suited to the next location.

It was somewhat difficult to find a building, Boaz said. She did not want to go to KY 54, and while looking for a place elsewhere, she kept passing through the empty building at 2125 Breckenridge Street where Blandford lived.

She said they finally found out who owned the space and that while he was hesitant to rent out the building at first, he agreed once Boaz said she had signed a 10-year contract with the company and was willing to sign a 5-year lease with the option to buy back or return the contract at the end of that term.

Boaz said the response has been really impressive. They started taking requests for estimates on Tuesday and already have one bathroom lined up. They also had an open house on Thursday, and Boaz estimated about 100 people were attending.

She said that her work can handle almost any home project.

“We offer anything from simply hanging pictures on the wall to completely remodeling them,” she said. “No job is too small, no job is too big. We do everything from electrical, plumbing, drywall, paint, and concrete.”

Boaz said her employees are called skilled craftsmen. She said in order to be hired, they must have at least 5 years of experience as a handyman and have their own tools. Boaz said it employs a mix of skilled and certified workers, some of whom are more specialized in certain areas such as plumbing or electrical.

Boaz said she currently has four employees but is looking for more. She said she will continue to hire more as the company grows.

Business will be open Monday through Friday from 8am-4:30pm and will be closed on weekends.

Anyone who wants an estimate can call 270-478-1089, visit the building at 2125 Breckenridge Street, or go to

Boaz is confident that the business will be of value to the community and will continue to grow.

“We’re here in Owensboro to stay,” she said. “We will be the number one factor in the redesign in Owensboro.”

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