Buying a $1 Home Is Bad (Unless My Family Does It)

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Homes are a tough topic for Pennsylvania Republican Senate candidate Mehmet Oz. This summer, I’m following a truly new money scandal with a more traditional “politician with too many homes” debate. The TV doctor got himself into trouble by suggesting that he only owns two houses when he actually owns at least ten residential properties. Then he argued about the definition of “home”.

One would think that after the housing disaster erupted, Oz would avoid all mention and purchase of housing. But the candidate couldn’t resist another risky stab that was clumsily executed on the internet. goose campaign He went after his Democratic opponent, Pennsylvania Governor John Fetterman, to buy him his house at the low price of one dollar.

It turns out that highlighting these details was a bad move. The attack prompted reporters to do some research into how much Oz’s in-laws paid for the house he and his wife were temporarily living in while their recently purchased $3.1 million Pennsylvania home was being renovated. NBC News reported Thursday:

A search of NBC News’ property records shows that the candidate’s mother-in-law, Emily Limaul, also purchased her Brian Athyn home for $1 in August of 2000. The estimated value of this home is currently $509,820.


The $1 house streak was part of the larger Oz campaign’s effort to paint Fetterman as hypocritical for projecting a blue-collar image despite his parents’ provocation into adulthood. PennLive explains:

Public records show – and Fetterman has publicly admitted – that for as long as he was in his forties, his main source of income came from his parents, who gave him and his family $54,000 in 2015 alone. It was part of the financial support his parents regularly provided when Fetterman’s only paid job was $150 a month as mayor Braddock, a job he held from his mid-30s until he was 49. He lived in an industrial-style loft that his sister bought him for a dollar One after I paid $70,000 for it six years ago.

Although Fetterman has made no secret of these facts and describes his upbringing as “soft,” his dependence on his parents could still be a good source of criticism from members of the Oz Expedition, if they knew how. But they’ve done it in a strange way, first with the shameless portrayal of fatterman as a “bottom bum” and now with what looks like a hypocritical attack on family members who are basically homeless. And the Oz campaign didn’t seem ready for the press to notice that buying a $1 home is a detail of the candidates’ backgrounds. For all NBC news:

When Oz campaign communications director Brittany Yannick was asked to comment on similar purchases, she told NBC News, “This is completely different. This home was already in the Lemole family. Doctor Oz and Lisa are paying rent while their other home in Bryn Athyn is being renovated.” Jon Fetterman bought his house for a dollar from his sister, and received the rent money from his mother and father. Dr. Oz has a real job. It seems that Jon Fetterman’s only job is to try to free convicted murderers on the streets.”

How does Mother-in-law buy a home from a family member for a dollar “totally different” than Fetterman’s purchase of a home from a family member for $1? not clear. But at this rate, we’ll soon find out that Oz is a passionate hooded collector who spent most of his adulthood sleeping on a folding sofa in his parents’ basement.

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