California Art House is changing the standards of entertainment

The Art House, designed by Buttrick Projects Architecture + Design, updated a classic 1920s California home into something totally modern. Located in Palo Alto, California, the home adds three additional small buildings on two adjacent plots of land. He also maintains the original home where the owners raised four children. The new buildings contain an art collection, games room and workspace to create a private courtyard.

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Additionally, large UV filtered glass windows maximize natural light for the artwork. It prevents it from fading in the sun, while the corrugated zinc scrim on the second level dampens the daylight entering the house. The house features large sliding glass doors that disappear into pockets to create indoor and outdoor living spaces.

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Two storey house facing outside garage

Furthermore, the largest and most modern structure is the Art House. This is where the art is, which doubles as a space to entertain guests. The owners bought the lot next door to their original home when it was on the market a few years ago. It also gave them more space to work with the renovation. There is now an art store and studio at the rear of the property while new and original homes sit in the front.

Two-storey gray house

A small pool and lawn connect the buildings in the backyard. The bedrooms in the houses overlook the street. Meanwhile, the living room and kitchen are located aft facing the courtyard, providing maximum entertaining space in the private courtyard.

The living room features an open entrance, a coffee table and chairs

In addition to the zinc facade on the second floor, cement panels are installed over metal channels. This is to reduce direct heat transfer, thus reducing the need for air conditioning and helping to keep rain out of the home. The new house reflects the old house’s lively vocabulary, linking it visually though not tactile.

A white bedroom with a king size bed in the middle, a chair in the corner and windows covered with sheer curtains

Inside, the curtains dampen the echo to make the space feel more serene. Homes have a “cold roof” with heat recovery ventilation. There is also thick cellulose insulation and ample LED lighting inside.

The second floor level features a brown sofa and brown coffee table with a staircase that leads down

As a result, the house reflects the natural design of the homes by designing large windows that open in the back for views of the private courtyard. It is a home for entertainment, artwork appreciation, and peaceful relaxation with family.

+ Buttrick Projects

Photography by Joe Fletcher

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