California Township is renovating its town hall

The California City Council used COVID-19 funding to renovate the town hall at 1019 E. Copeland Street during the winter, the latter half without the assistance of a contractor.

Michael Hatt, the town’s secretary, said the company will now sue to get back the $33,000 paid for DWS services for work it ended up doing itself.

“I think we paid him a little over $150,000,” Hatt said. “We did that part.”

Hatt said Fremont, Ind., started out as a paint contractor to rebuild the town hall. Work was done well. The company offered to renovate the roof, rebuild the side, replace the roof, install new floors, and remove the chimney from the rear. The bathrooms have been reconstructed. The town improved the lighting in the dark and filthy former building. The town paid the contractor up front, based on bids.

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