Cas Towers unveils a 16-storey building in the residential area of ​​the airport

By now you may have heard of Cas Towers, an upcoming 16-storey residential development in the heart of the airport residential area.

The unique shape of the building is already visible as the building is on track to be completed at the end of this year.

The developers of what promises to be a great addition to the Accra skyline have named Accra’s Most Rewarding Investment, encouraging real estate investors in Ghana and abroad, to add it to their portfolio to get good returns on investment.

While speaking with the CEO of Kass Developments, Mr. Kadir Yadigar was asked why the building was referred to as a rewarding investment – ​​and in response, he stated that investors are always looking for an investment that will give good and consistent returns and he bears in mind that the company has looked for Important aspects of a beneficial real estate investment and I made sure to check these points with the development they were offering.

The role that the site plays in real estate investment is the first indicator of a successful investment; Great location with good road networks, easy access to the international airport, good schools, restaurants, malls, commercial and entertainment.

Our location on Senshi Street within the residential area of ​​the airport clearly stands out with all these features. Every tenant takes this into consideration when they are looking to rent a property and once the property is in an ideal location, you are very likely to have long-term tenants which will give you consistently good returns.

It is no secret that Accra is quickly becoming the preferred destination for investors looking for opportunities in Africa as well as vacationers; The need for short and long-stay apartments is expected to increase exponentially. This creates a growing market for rental apartments.

In Accra, there are areas that consistently get the majority of discerning clients, and the airport residential area is at the top of that list due to its proximity to all the places and things that appeal to travelers, workers and revelers.

Investing in Cass Towers means there will be no shortage of tenants looking to rent out your unit.

Another important factor that renters look for is amenities. They ask themselves, what amenities does this offer offer, which will give me and my family a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Cas Towers did not compromise on this. From supermarkets, salons, smart homes and many more, the tenants will be attracted and will continue to stay in the building that provides everything they need.

The property has gone above and beyond to provide an array of options for its tenants, and this in itself makes it a rewarding investment.

For cake icing, developers sometimes forget to consider the design, aesthetics and aesthetics of any dwelling is definitely very important and we have also considered that in our design, world class design with world class fixtures and finishes. Glass features that will light up at night.

It would be very nice for every investor to be proud to be a part of it and every tenant would be proud to call it their home.

Cas Towers unveils a 16-storey building in the residential area of ​​the airport

As mentioned earlier, since the inception of the project, the needs and ROI of the investors have been a major driving factor for some of our most important decisions.

We made sure to include a variety of apartments to choose from; Cas Towers has a selection of studios, 1,2,3 bedroom apartments including the option of duplexes and penthouses. This ensures that there is a balance in the demand for the types of real estate when renting and will give each investor a greater possibility to rent his units and increase their return.

Cas Towers are being sold off-plan, which means that any investor who enters before the completion of the project will make positive gains upon completion. Prices continue to rise as the building approaches completion and so does the value upon completion. Buying now guarantees the highest possible returns on investment.

Visit the Cass Towers office in Sanchi Street, next to the International League School, our team will be very glad to welcome you and introduce you to the neighborhood.

Contact the sales office today by email at [email protected] or call us at 0302789301/0552 400757.

Investing in the next big real estate project in Accra is as rewarding as it gets.

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