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OSWEGO – Every restaurant and every bar is a world of its own Ask anyone who has ever worked – and the Old Town Hall was the ultimate example of that fact in this county and more, a great microcosm of everything Oswego was and could be in one building Fabulous. He was quite the symbol of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll in a small country town on a big lake that had moved from Andy of Mayberry with snow to one of America’s nuclear capitals, which had grown out of a small, quiet, but reputable town, the University of Teachers College Very loud and friendly government full of young people who, despite their seriousness as students, weren’t anything but when it came to having a good time.

Enter the 1970s Larry Klutzko, a New York City dervish that this city had never seen, and the wreckage of a beautiful building no one else knew. Also step into a city with 20,000 fewer people in cash flow than it’s ever seen, where $6.4 billion has been dumped into building just one of its own power plants, and the pockets of many workers outside the city are overflowing with more money than they knew what They do with all kinds of illicit temptations that money can buy. Add to that the vibrant influx and youthful energy of 7,000 students from cities across the state and country that are almost certainly greater than the ones they find themselves in now, and you are looking for an outlet to which young people are naturally drawn to. Add the best live music that can be found anywhere for miles around, mix it in with a bit of booze, and you’ve got the perfect cocktail that was the charm of its era, Old City Hall.

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