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This article was originally published in the May 6 issue of the Progress Times

Digital display of turf design of a softball field at Mission Veterans Memorial High School.

At a Board of Trustees meeting in April, the school board finalized a contract with Hellas Construction for baseball and softball. occupation projects. The board approved the $3852,000 contract for the artificial turf on all four fields and their oxen poles.

Hellas Construction is based in Cedar Park, Texas, and they also completed the ground for the Tom Landry Hall of Fame in 2014. PR and Marketing Director Craig Fairley said the area had no issues with the football field during or after the installation, contrary to rumors That the field does not have a suitable drainage system.

The Board of Directors approved the contract by 6 votes to 1, with regent Iris Iglesias voting dissenting. In the private meeting, Iglesias said she preferred Field Turf because it had a good reputation, but later expressed that she was opposed to the purchase more than anything.

“We have a rating system and I felt that along with that, we should have had a presentation from both companies to see what they would bring to the table or what they would bring to the district. And if not, to the board, at least to our coaches, our athletic director, and coordinators,” said the trustee. “There are fields that are in the valley from both companies that I felt they should have gone to visit and then talk to their employees, just to do some homework and background check and not just the selection in the ranking sheet.”

During two separate meetings in April to discuss the project, Iglesias questioned why management recommended to the board of directors approval of Hellas when second-ranked contractor Field Turf submitted a bid at a lower price. In the end it came to the point that the system administration used to classify third-party contractors. Hellas got more points and therefore ranked higher.

Although Hellas Construction had a higher total width, they had a lower width for three of the four fields. Field Turf total for bulls came to $3,737,120.

“In general, you want to rank quality over price,” said attorney David Hansen.

According to Verley, the procurement process is as follows: The purchasing department reviews the offers made and pre-arranges management to ensure they meet the criteria. The criteria are based on experience, competence and qualifications. Management only makes a recommendation based on these criteria.

However, this method was not always the practice. Previously, the Board of Trustees arranged rather than managed, and this was the practice when the Board approved the contractor for football field renovations during the 2016-2017 school year. But around May 2019 the trustees approved the new currently in use purchase. However, Fairley said the board of directors always had the option and authority to make its assessment and rating.

The project will largely take 120 days to complete starting May 5, and can be delayed depending on whether teams advance to the playoffs.

Instructors from each school chose specialized designs for the new fields to include center field logos and text along the sloppy lines of Mission High School.

Fairley said Mission CISD decided to switch baseball and softball fields to artificial turf because it is a smoother surface for athletes and allows for better drainage control and general maintenance.

This article has been updated to include information from an interview with Iris Iglesias after it was originally published.

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