City Council Approves Scooter’s Coffee Inclusion – Boonville Daily News

by Laura Wax Bonneville Daily News

The city council approved the incorporation of 3.1 acres into the city limits at a city council meeting Monday night. The space, formerly known as 17310 Highway B, is the future location of Scooter’s Coffee. The council also approved the initial site plan for the property.

The biggest debate at the city council meeting on Monday, September 19 was the consideration of Resolution R2022-15, which supports the construction of “Village in Kemper Greens,” a family housing community by TerraVest Development, Corp. During the public comment portion of the meeting, Bonneville Housing Authority Director Robert Rohr spoke about some of the concerns regarding the proposed development. Rohr mentioned that the waiting list at Bonneville for affordable public housing currently has 32 people waiting for one-bedroom units to become available. There are only 2 people waiting for a 3 bedroom unit. The proposed project will consist of two, three and four bedrooms, but there are no one-bedroom apartments. “My concern is that it is not necessary for a community of this size and a waiting list of just two people to put together that many three- and four-bedroom units,” Rohr said.

Craig Meyer of TerraVest was present to answer any questions that arose during the discussion. The proposed project will include 48 affordable housing units located on the west side of Kemper Drive, north of Ashley Road. TeraVest does not ask for any financial contributions, just support from the city while applying for tax breaks and funding from the Missouri Housing Development Commission. The board approved the decision by 5 votes to 2, with the recommendation that should MHDC receive funding, TerraVest amend its request to add one-bedroom units to the project.

With Boonville High School’s fast-paced repatriation home next week, the board has agreed to street closures and restrict parking at the parade, which will take place Friday, September 30 at 2 p.m. Parking will be restricted on either side of the corners on Main Street and Avenues. And the main nut and oriental nut from 12 noon until 3 pm that day.

The Board also heard the first reading of Bill 2022-024 Approval of the Final Site Plan for the Club Car Wash, 2420 Boonslick Drive, Bill 2022-025 Approval of the Final Site Plan for Scooter’s Coffee, 2395 Main Street, Bill No. 2022-026 Approval of Final Site Scheme for Phase III, Residential Complex in the Boon Point Subdivision, Bill 2022-027 Acceptance of Sewerage and Water Infrastructure for Phase One of the Boone Point Development, and Bill 2022-028 to Amend the City of Boonville Guide to Access Management, Boonville Code of Ordinances, Appendix B, Regarding Residential Concrete Street Specifications. The amendment to the City Access Guide is to update the city’s laws and fees as some of them have not been addressed since the early 2000s. City Manager Kate Feil suggested that all fees be listed in one place in the directory appendix to make cataloging more accessible and accessible. Besides the modernization, an amendment to some of the fees has been proposed, such as the water line utilization fee for the water meter in the new construction. A full list of proposed fee adjustments can be obtained from City Hall.

She concluded her report by thanking the Parks and Recreation Department for their tireless work in beautifying the city’s buildings. They scraped and repaired windows, cleared paint, and cleaned windows. She also commended Helen Melkersman and Mary Vollmer for their hard work in keeping the city’s flower gardens in such great shape during the hot, dry summer months.

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