claesson koivisto rune adds a northern interpretation to the TON 822 . collection

studio Clayson Koivisto Ron Cooperate with TON for 822

What started as a limited edition chain of a family restaurant in Norway has turned into a signature collection for tons. studio Clayson Koivisto Ron It adds its Scandinavian role as Scandinavian simplicity reinterprets classicism a chair. Model 822 plywood, denoted by circular holes, connects manual development bending Wood with technology. TON celebrates its line of products – including armchair, lounge chair, bar and low stools in various colors – at Salone del Mobile in Milan, between June 7-12, 2022.

Lounge chair 822 TON from studio Claesson Koivisto Rune decorating an apartment in Prague

Czech company tons It continues to follow the principles of handcrafted woodwork, passed down from generation to generation, and its functional connection to timeless design. The brand focuses on the use of natural materials to create high-quality products in terms of structure and design, advancing its motto: “Handmade for generations”. By collaborating with a Swedish design company Studio Clason Koivisto Ron Founded by Martin Claeson, Eero Koivisto and Ola Ron, collection 822 Originates.

claesson koivisto rune adds a northern interpretation to the TON 822 . collection
Close-up of the black lounge chair

The inspiration for the Ton’s 822 collection dates back to 1930

The distinctive shape of the seat series is inspired by the A811 chair designed in 1930 by Viennese architect Josef Hoffmann, an iconic product of contemporary furniture, initially designed for the Werkbund Exhibition Café in Vienna. The chair, with and without armrests, was later modified into the current model It is still being produced.

The original designs of the A811 and 811 are great examples of the early modernist movement. But it clearly shows the legacy of Romanticism in the nineteenth century. We decided to remove this feeling, states Mårten Claesson.

It is very natural to work on something from the past and update it to fit our times. And as architects, we work on many projects where we have to deal with the renovation of old buildings and the implementation of the original architecture in a new way and this is a very similar task,” Adds Eero Koivisto.

claesson koivisto rune adds a northern interpretation to the TON 822 . collection
Armchair 822 yellow

The 822 series combines the use of shaped plywood and hand-brushed solid wood. The exclusive use of beech wood for hand bending is also a specification. The natural character of bent beech wood can be retained, or it can be finished with stain or tint colors. The products are made from wood certified by PEFC, a system that focuses on responsible approaches to forest ecosystems and their expansion.

The design of the Bentwood chair is closely related to technology and the limitations of curvature. And we like these constraints, Martin explains.

claesson koivisto rune adds a northern interpretation to the TON 822 . collection
Low and freestanding black and white stools adorn the kitchen respectively

“We spent hundreds of hours creating those hatches,” he says. Aero Koivisto

The 822 gets its unique character from the graphic-dot perforations on the plywood seat and backrest. They characterize the chair and create a changing visual motif, connected to the interior, the colors worn by the seated person, or sunlight.

We had to modify the point pattern on the chair chassis, to avoid some of the construction elements being placed under the seat. The history of the Bentwood is an evolution, not a revolution, and we continue that story. That’s why we call the chair 822, because we’re in 2022, ” Martin notes.

From the start, we didn’t know how many or how big the holes were. We’ve spent hundreds of hours creating those hatches. We also had to deal with the dimensions of the holes. The original Hoffmann chair had larger openings because it could not have been made smaller at the time. But we now have procedures that can do that. I like that we’ve extended traditional bentwood technology, unchanged in 160 years, to the future, using these contemporary capabilities,” Ero adds.