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Lalitpur: Eight siblings were alone on a scorching afternoon on April 22nd. Their father was away from work and their mother was in a hospital in Lalitpur, a town in Bundelkhand district of Uttar Pradesh. The older girl, aged 13, was bathing on a stone slab in their small, dark two-room house in the village of Bali, about 27 kilometers from town. Her three younger sisters waited behind her while the remaining four bathed with the village’s communal hand pump.

Around 2:30 p.m., their neighbor, Chandan Aharor, walked in, arguing for charging his phone. He was followed by another man who stood at the door, while a third waited in the narrow corridor outside. Chandan, 24, ordered the three children to leave for the hand pump. Someone complied – the 11-year-old picked up an old plastic bucket and walked out. She later said, “I was afraid to disobey them.” Two more didn’t – but the hackers didn’t mind.

As the 11-year-old got away, she heard the roar of the motorbikes scurrying back. It was too late. “They took my older sister,” she said. When their mother returned an hour later, she rushed to Tilakhari Saroj, the local station officer at the house, and begged him to look for her kidnapped daughter.

But Saroj did not register the First Information Report (FIR).

The investigation later revealed that the kidnapped girl was taken to Bhopal, where she was allegedly gang-raped for four days. When she was returned and handed over to the SHO, the officer allegedly raped her inside the police station on April 27. Three days later, the girl told advisers about the crime, which eventually led to the arrest of SHO and five other suspects, and the suspension of all 29 of the station’s personnel.

“All of this could have been avoided had the Social Housing Organization registered a kidnapping case on the day of the abduction,” said Bhanu Bhaskar, Additional Director General of Police (Kanpur District).

Evidence indicates that the SHO was in contact with the suspects, and may have been part of the plot. After all, the girl’s disappearance prevented her from appearing in court on a previous rape complaint – with SHO, once again, refusing to file a complaint. Using the statements of lawyers, investigators, police officials, family members of the survivor, counselors and families of the accused, Hizb ut Tahrir is gathering the details of this heinous crime.

Preliminary rape case ignored by police

The 13-year-old survivor has been her mother’s only child since her first marriage. Her father died shortly after her birth and her mother remarried, giving her seven siblings – five girls and two boys.

In Bali, with a population of 10,000, this family was among the poor. They live in a two-room house on a 40-square-yard plot built under PM Awas Yojna in 2019. It has no beds, just torn mattresses and soiled on the floor. Parts of the house are not even cement and the roof is black with soot.

The 13-year-old’s ordeal began last November. In her court appeal, the girl’s mother claimed that the girl was outside to relieve herself at 4 am on November 7 when Chandan and his friend, Mahendra Chaurasia, 48, dragged her to a hut, and allegedly raped her.

Later that day, the woman walked her child to the police station, and asked the SHO to file an FIR and conduct a medical exam. Nothing moved. “The rapists were walking around openly. My daughter stopped going to school out of fear,” the mother said.

On November 14, she went to court, which in turn asked the police to respond to her allegations. An assistant inspector working under SHO said the evidence did not support the allegations and that the mother was a “usual” complainant.

Now, Nikhil Pathak, Lalitpur’s police chief, says the November complaint should have led to the FIR. “All aspects of crime and longstanding allegations of negligence are being investigated by dedicated and impartial committees,” Pathak said.

Within hours of the mother’s plea on November 14, the girl filed a preliminary information note accusing her parents of forcing her to file “mock” cases. The child’s stepfather claims that SHO threatened her daughter. “SHO has manipulated my innocent child,” he added. The accused argued that the mother was lying, and that she did not approve of the 13-year-old’s relationship with one of the accused, Chandan.

The girl’s lawyer, Hardial Singh Lodhi, said the court ultimately rejected the mother’s FIR request. “But she requested that the girl’s statement be recorded in court on April 25,” he said. A senior investigator, who asked not to be named, said SHO was found in contact with the suspects who picked up the girl on April 22, preventing her statement from being recorded.

Survivor’s 3-day ordeal in Bhopal

When the girl was taken to Bhopal, she was accompanied by Chandan and Chaurasia (both accused in the November case), Raj Bhan’s neighbor, and the fourth suspect who is the survivor’s cousin.

Furthermore, Behan had a gun and threatened to kill her parents, said an advisor who was ultimately instrumental in removing the cover from the case.

Police officers said the kidnappers did not enter the hotel for fear of being tracked. “In the daytime, they were lounging in the streets near the Bhopal railway station, they spent the nights under a bridge, where the men took turns raping her while one of them guarded her,” said the chancellor, who was finally told by the child. her experiences. The girl’s memories of the place were limited to hearing the call to prayer from the mosque, and the sound of trains.

Her ordeal appeared to be over when the suspects drove her to the Bali Police Station in the early hours of April 26. He did not. The girl was so traumatized that she could not face her parents, and SHO did not tell her parents. Instead, he handed her over to her aunt without any legal action,” said a police investigator who requested anonymity.

Police said this aunt is the mother of the victim’s cousin who was involved in the alleged kidnapping and gang rape. Locals, who asked not to be identified, said that while her relations with the survivor’s mother were hostile, she shared a good relationship with SHO.

On April 27, the SHO summoned her to the station on the pretext that her statement had been recorded even though no further legal action had been initiated. After four hours at the station – where not a single surveillance camera was working – he drove her into a private room and allegedly raped her around 8 pm. She was later returned to her aunt. The investigator quoted above said, “He believed that if a girl did not create a scene after she was gang-raped by four men, she would not complain that she was abused by a powerful officer.”

The girl needed support to tell her story. That chance came on April 30th when the aunt decided she couldn’t take responsibility for the baby anymore. Therefore, SHO is called Childline, which is a non-governmental organization (NGO) in Lalitpur. But as soon as the police left, the advisers pushed her and she began to open up. “Within the next three hours, she revealed the violations of our shock. Once everything was off her chest, the stunned baby slept for 13 hours straight,” her counselor said.

Hostile city, steel determination to fight

Back in Bali, the survivor’s family continues to battle the hostile residents who marched to support the arrested suspects last week. The town believes the four suspects have been accused by the couple, who are accused of repeatedly abusing laws to “blackmail and threaten” local residents. “The child’s mother had falsely raped my eldest son (Jagannath) nine years ago. Jagannath spent two months in prison and was only released after we paid her RDiallo Aharwar, Raj Bhan’s father said.

SHO’s wife Sangeeta Kaithal blamed the victim’s mother. “I know my husband as an honest officer who grew up from a humble background. She said that was why his officers did not stand by him.

As for the survivor, she is still struggling to forget what she went through. But the support she’s found over the past two weeks has tightened her. “Watch,” she said, “I’ll be able to fight.”

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