Coming home to Harry’s house.

Almost everything we know about Harry Styles’ upcoming third album Harry’s house Surrounds the idea of ​​the house. From album cover to promotional logo “You are at home,” All signs point to Styles returning home. I plan to do the same when the album is released on May 20: I’ll be in my childhood bedroom with a life-size cardboard cutout for the singer, listening to the album from start to finish.

It’s been over two years since Styles was released A fine lineIt is his second and most recent studio album. when A fine line Coming out in 2019, I was deeply rooted in the ups and downs of high school—ACT and unrequited youthful feelings—and listened to the album’s final track as I lay in my bed, crying in the dark and staring at the ceiling. Since then, my ritual has outpaced my culture of following patterns, but I’ve kept the cut out of the cardboard I got for my 15th birthday. It’s a staple when I come home from college now, and it’s a reminder of the changes I’ve endured over the years.

Famous styles said A fine line It’s about “Sex and Sadness” – on this album, he wanted to break free from the creative constraints he placed on his production and express himself freely. His sound has changed from the bottled pop of his boy band origins to incorporate diverse elements: more mature vocals, electric guitar, soft rock, and choral vocals. After two successful solo albums, Styles has proven himself an artist in his own right, after his years at One Direction. or not, Harry’s house He will find more of the same freedom and introspection he began to explore A fine line.

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