Course: Frontier Dead Drop Sites

Looking for a list of all the dead landing spots in The Cycle: Frontier? Instead of fighting it until only one player is left standing like in traditional battle royals, in The Cycle: Frontier you can enter, loot, complete missions and extract. Many of these missions involve delivering items to specific yellow boxes that are scattered around the map, known as Dead Drop containers.

To use a deprecated site to complete the task, simply open the yellow box and place the items you wish to deposit into the inventory of the container, then click the “Deposit” button. This is the easy part. The tricky part is finding the dead, well-hidden drop containers in the first place.

Below we’ll show you how to find each dead drop container on both maps in The Cycle: Frontier. We’ve put together annotated maps of Bright Sands and Crescent Falls, and also explained where to go to find each dead drop.

Course: Frontier Dead Drop Sites

There are 16 dead drop locations in The Cycle: Frontier – 8 on Bright Sands and 8 on Crescent Falls. These dead drop locations always stay the same in every match, so you can easily know where to go to get to each one. Below you’ll find maps that pinpoint each location precisely, along with a written description of how to reach each dead point.

Dead Landing Sites in Bright Sands:

  1. Dead Waterfall Factory (Waterfall Factory)
  2. Drop satellite dish (Comms Tower)
  3. Comms dead drop (Comms Tower)
  4. Dead Drop Gate (Base Camp)
  5. Drop Head Office (Base Camp)
  6. Drop Gate C (base camp)
  7. Deep Underground Elevator Descent (East Rally Point)
  8. Skeleton landing in the swamp (swamp camp)

Dead Crescent Falls Fall Locations:

Map of Crescent Falls in The Cycle: Frontier, with the locations of all the dead drops marked.

  1. Nutrion Office dead drop (Nutrion Farms Processing)
  2. dead drop storage room (equipment of feeding farms)
  3. Garage office drop (Greens Prospect)
  4. Total Stock Reduction (Greens Prospect)
  5. Greens Prospect
  6. Drop the server room (Starport Administrator)
  7. Meat Drop Cafeteria (Starport Official)
  8. Pinnacle Labs dead drop (Pinnacle Labs)

Waterfall Lab dead drop (Waterfall Lab, Bright Sands)

The Waterfall Lab Dead Drop is found under an office within the Waterfall Lab itself. Head to the stairs on the south side, then go through the north corridor and turn left to get to the room where the office is inside.

Satellite dish drop (Comms Tower, Bright Sands)

One of the two dead Tower Comms drops – don’t confuse them! To find the drop point of the satellite dish, head to the base of the satellite dish itself, then look for the nearby large tubes that run along the Earth from north to south. The dead drop hugs the southernmost point of those tubes, next to the satellite dish.

Drop the Comms Tower (Coms Tower, Bright Sands)

The actual Comms Tower is located at the base of the Giant Tower in the southwest corner of the Comms Tower area. The dead drop is above the foundation of the tower, on the south side. You can use the nearby rocks to climb there.

A dead drop gate (Base Camp, Bright Sands)

Portal A dead drop was found outside Base Camp. Go up the giant slope to the west of Base Camp, but just before you reach the top, climb up the left side of the slope, on the grass. Here you will find the dead drop.

The conceptual art of The Cycle: Frontier depicts one prospector infiltrating the other.

Head Office Drop (Base Camp, Bright Sands)

The main office is located in (surprise surprise) the main office which overlooks the main interior of Base Camp (where the Marauder hangs) from the southwest side. You can reach the main office either from the center or by approaching Base Camp from the southwest cliff. Once you get to the office, head to the right corner near the window, and you’ll find your dead springboard there.

Drop Dead Gate C (Base Camp, Bright Sands)

From the Base Camp Center, go up the stairs on the east and northeast side, and straight through the door in front of you. To the right, directly behind the door, is a large chest, and behind it is the dead gate C.

Deep Underground Elevator Descent (Eastern Group Point, Bright Sands)

The dead starting point of the Deep Underground Lift can be reached from East Collection Point. To get to the underground entrance, enter East Collection Point from the north side, turn right, and enter the open room directly in front of you, ending with a section of stairs. There may be lasers protecting this entrance, in which case you’ll need to follow the nearby wires and detach the battery if you don’t want to make too much noise.

After you enter, follow the stairs down, go straight towards the yellow door, turn right and head to the end of the corridor. Here you will find a slope that leads further down; Follow it until you finally reach the location of the dead drop.

There is another much faster entrance to this dead drop, which is on the south side of East Collection Point next to the three large blue silos. But this entrance is also closed by lasers, and they can only be turned off from inside the underground. So either go the other way, or just head straight through the laser and prepare for the next loud alarm.

Skeleton landing in the swamp (swamp camp, bright sand)

A dead skeletal swamp drop was found under one of the central rib bones just south of the skeletal spine of the swamp. It is located directly east of the small hospital building with the blue beds, and can be found among some large tree roots emerging from the water.

A player enters the swamp in The Cycle: Frontier holding an ICA Guarantee LMG card.

Drop the Nutrition Office (Nutrion Farms Processing, Crescent Falls)

The Nutrion Under-Desk Drop is found on the top floor of the office in the southeast corner of Nutrion Farms Processing. You can access it either by climbing the stairs inside the complex, or by climbing the south side of the building from the outside and entering directly into the office.

Storage Room Dead Drop (Nutrion Farms Processing, Crescent Falls)

The mortuary is located in the storage room just outside the Nutrion Farms processing building, but still in the complex. Head to the east side of the building and you’ll find a number of large, stacked chests. On the floor next to these chests, on the side facing the building, you will find the dead drop.

Drop office garage (Greens Prospect, Crescent Falls)

The Garage Office can be found underground in the southwest corner of Greens Prospect. The corner room is the garage office, and the deadbolt is located in the corner of that same room. Alternatively, climb up the slope partially on the left side of the broad south entrance to Greens Prospect, and you should quickly enter the Garage Office.

Dead Stock Drop (Greens Prospect, Crescent Falls)

The dead stock drop is well hidden among the shelves in the northern part of Greens Prospect. From the Greens Prospect Center, enter the warehouse to the north (through the door marked with Cashier 2), and go behind the shelves directly in front of you. The second row of shelves is partially covered by a large slab of concrete. Head to the corner and peek around the slab to find the dead drop.

The player visits an overgrown lab in The Cycle: Frontier.

Fulfillment Center Drop (Greens Prospect, Crescent Falls)

It is easy to find dead center fulfillment center in fulfillment center compared to others in this area. Simply head to the building in the Greens Prospect marked on the map above, go behind the yellow bars and you’ll find the dead drop on a half-height shelf on the left.

Server Room Drop (Starport Management, Crescent Falls)

To get to the server room, head through the southeast part of Starport Admin until you reach the entrance next to the graffiti that says “I saw the danger!!”. Head through the entrance and immediately turn right and go down the stairs.

Head to the next room (don’t go down the next set of stairs) and you’ll enter the server room. The dead drop is located in the southwest corner of the room, above a cardboard box.

Dead Cafeteria (Starport Admin, Crescent Falls)

The best way to get to the Cafeteria dead drop is to head to the Starport Admin across the bridge from the Starport Warehouse. Then take the first door on the right, and then the second door on the right after that. Behind the chair in front of you is a dead cafeteria drop.

Pinnacle Labs dead drop (Pinnacle Labs, Crescent Falls)

Pinnacle Labs dead drop is located on the upper right corner of the Crescent Falls map. Head outside Pinnacle Lab on the northeast side, and follow the rock wall around it until you find the dead drop hidden next to a large yellow and black plant sprouting out of the ground.

This is every dead drop location across both maps in The Cycle: Frontier. You’ll need to head to each of these dead drops at some point during your missions, so get ready to travel throughout both Bright Sands and Crescent Falls. If you need some help preparing for upcoming trips, take a look at our comprehensive beginner’s guide to The Cycle: Frontier.

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