Highgrove Bathrooms offers the EVOKE range of faucets, shower fixtures and accessories – the latest in bathroom trends, all in one set in a signature matte black finish.

Featuring beautifully coordinated, sharp and bold bathroom products that complement each other to the smallest detail, the EVOKE Collection is the perfect choice for your next bathroom design or renovation project.

Modern and sustainable range

The new EVOKE series will allow you to create the modern and versatile bathroom of your dreams. Incorporating innovative designs and manufactured to reduce environmental impact, you’ll get the best of both worlds – modern and sustainable.

shower fittings

Featuring clean lines, EVOKE shower fittings add functionality to your shower. The slim, matte black single-function showerhead is easy to hold and adds luxurious ambiance to your shower space.


EVOKE towel rail

All your favorite bathroom accessories are available in EVOKE’s signature matte black. High-quality accessories are bold with a soft touch, yet strong and subtle. Create a bathroom with long beautiful lines, smooth edges, and modern style. The EVOKE accessories range includes all your favorite fixtures from toilet paper holders to shower shelves, towel rails and more.

we are sick

Flexible by design, EVOKE faucet hardware adds a stunning edge to your bathroom, en-suite bathroom and powder room. Get creative with your bathroom design with our customizable cutlery options. Update the style of your bathroom in the coming years by easily swapping out the knobs to update the design of your faucet fixtures.

The matte black EVOKE body can be customized with your choice of EVOKE handle designs – straight, cut-out or angled – in any of our premium chrome, matte black, brushed brass and brushed nickel finishes.

Straight: Add beautiful, crisp lines to your bathroom with the sleek, straight handle.

CUT: This simple design brings stunning sophistication to your bathroom.

Angled: A unique and bold design that adds versatile style to your space.

EVOKE Tableware

Sustainability – the future of bathroom design

Stemming from the firm belief that innovation and sustainability go hand in hand, Highgrove Bathrooms have designed, developed and manufactured the EVOKE Faucet Kit to reduce waste and environmental impacts for the benefit of our planet.

EVOKE Faucet Tools come with a 6 Star WELS rating, the highest water efficiency rating on the scale. Choosing water-saving faucets will reduce your water and energy bills as well as help protect our environment.

With EVOKE, you can create the luxurious and sustainable bathroom of your dreams.


Planning your next DIY project, bathroom renovation, or home upgrade? Create an EVOKE-inspired space today by incorporating our modern accessories in matte black, slim and elegant shower fixtures or customizable faucet pots.

  1. Select your faucet hardware style: basin mixer, tall basin mixer, wall faucet + mixer or in-wall mixer
  2. Select your handle design: straight, cut or angled
  3. Choose handle finish: chrome, matte black, brushed brass or brushed nickel
  4. Install and enjoy

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