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The land previously owned and to be developed by Oberer Land Developers, shown above, was purchased – at least in part – by Dave Chappelle. (Drone photo by Brian Cady)

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Yellow Springs resident and comedian Dave Chappelle has purchased at least part of a 52-acre property on the south side of the village from Oberer Land Developers Ltd. based in Miamisburg, which was planning to build a subdivision of homes on the land adjacent to the Chappelle House.

Chappelle’s publicist, Carla Sims, confirmed in a phone call last week that Chappelle had recently purchased Uber land. Sims was unable to determine whether he had purchased the entire property. Property information on the Greene County Auditor’s GIS website confirms that at least 19 acres of land formerly part of the Oberer development plans are now linked to Iron Table Holdings LLC, owned by Chappelle.

After several attempts to follow up with Chappelle’s publicist for clarification and further comment on the sale, Sims wrote in an email late Wednesday afternoon that she could not provide any new information at the time.

Although each plot within the original 52-acre property is now owned by Spillan Rd LLC, as listed on the auditor’s website, the LLC’s mailing addresses vary.

The larger 33-acre parcel lists the mailing address of Spillan Rd LLC as 344 Newmark Drive, Miamisburg, Ohio—the same address as Oberer. Fifteen packages, totaling 19 acres, show the mailing address of Spillan Rd LLC as PO Box 739, Yellow Springs – the same mailing address as Iron Table Holdings.

The auditor’s website shows the selling price of the 15 parcels at $1,715,000 – which Oberer paid for the 52 acres when the company purchased the land from Ken and Betheen Struewing in November 2020. However, it’s unclear what Chappelle paid.

Oberer sought to develop the land to accommodate a residential neighborhood of at least 140 housing units. Last fall, in cooperation with village employees, the company contacted the village government to re-divide the land from mixed zoning — largely characterized by residential zoning-A, which allows only single-family units — to a planned unit development, or PUD. Under the PUD classification, a variety of housing units are allowed, such as condominiums, duplexes, and single-family homes. In addition, an acre of land was to be donated to the village to develop its own affordable housing.

Chappelle was vehemently opposed to evolution. During a public hearing at a regular village council meeting on February 7, Chappelle told the council that he would walk out of the community if they approved the ordinance to repartition the land to the PDP.

In the end, the decree failed to pass after a 2 – 2 vote, with one council member abstaining.

In the months following the decree’s failure, little happened on the ground. In late February, Oberer cut down a number of trees around the property, likely in preparation to move forward with a single-family development of the originally planned 140 units.

Then, at a Yellow Springs Development Corporation meeting on April 12, village manager Josué Salmerón informed the parastatal that ownership of the land had been transferred to another LLC, which was later identified as Spillan Rd LLC, according to the county auditor. Desk.

According to the Ohio Secretary of State’s website, articles of regulation for a Spillan Rd LLC were submitted to the state on March 4.

In a follow-up interview, Salmeron told the news that the transfer of ownership took place on April 6, although he wasn’t sure if this was the time Oberer officially sold the land, noting that no public records were available for sale.

“There is currently no indication that [Oberer] Salmeron said at the YSDC meeting.

In response to a call from the news earlier this month, Georg Oberer neither confirmed nor denied the sale of his company’s land, saying only that Oberer was “considering market options” at the time.

News will continue to provide updates as they become available.

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