DC Comics is moving its offices again

As we reported in March, DC Comics has completed a long-planned transition (before discovery) into office space in Frank Gehry The designed building, known as the 2nd Century Project, is located in Burbank, not far from the main studio. The move was flagged by private social media alerts, but Publisher-CCO Jim Lee Make it official on Instagram with an upbeat post.

he wrote:

The first day after returning to the office for work since March 2020 – just in time as we celebrate the anniversary of the new second century building designed by Frank Gehry. This shiny new edifice off Interstate 134 in Burbank, California will house many departments of Warner Bros Discovery under one roof (including, of course, DC)!

The images show a nod to DC’s core business – making superhero-themed cartoons – across a wall adorned with action figures.

The space, like most modern ones, is an open plan and co-working space, although it appears to have a desk or two, with (as we’ve come to expect) a drawing board.

Screenshot 06-14 2022 at 2.49.22 am.  png

Props to Lee for making all this look good. The special social media posts that swiped on our feed were more subtle about the former DC offices in The Pointe, with Group Editor Jim Chadwick He puts his hand on the exit:

Former DC Editor Andy Khoury, I also raised a trophy to Pointe:


he wrote:

DC Comics has been saying goodbye to its offices for the past seven or eight years, but parts of the company have been there longer. DC is moving to a huge and very expensive new space nearby, along with several other divisions of Warner Bros. The great work will continue. But for those of us who have worked there, The Pointe will be an unforgettable experience. It’s where I met some of my best friends and produced my most rewarding work. Everything I’ve done since saying goodbye in 2020, and everything I’ll do professionally for the rest of my life, has been and will come from the skills and relationships I’ve forged in this beautiful office full of talented and inspiring people.

Enter the sad face emoji here.

As we wrote in March, in 2015, Pointe’s DC offices were the product of an ambitious, purpose built superhero comics industry as we saw then, a vital part of Warner Media’s entire future, with their heroes continuing to toe with the MCU. But that was by two owners. Much has changed in a lot. Just where DC Comics stands in Warner Bros.’ new media conglomerate. Discovery — and its mission to cut costs by $3 billion — deserves to be published in full.

The new building is very beautiful from the outside – it really is a real shining edifice! – and will feature a number of WBD modules, including animation, so it’s not the dumping ground some have suggested. But it’s also generic, with randomly assigned desks. I think everyone who works there should be a Jedi by now and avoid getting attached to things.

On the face of it, such an arrangement seems to be antithetical to the peculiar needs of the artistic process of making comics, but that’s the world we live in now – and open offices are the norm rather than rare.

I grieve at the thought of wandering the colorful offices of a comic book publisher – a legendary and unforgettable event that holds a special place in many biographies – but then, how many comic book publishers anywhere have offices anymore? The pandemic has made many of them go into a completely virtual world.

Anyway, we’ll end this on a cheerful note with this tweet from our Director of Marketing Albert Ching – On the plus side, people are coming to the office again, which is kind of cool.

There are delicious snacks. And life goes on.

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