Design the mudroom of your dreams – Grand Rapids Magazine

IIf there was a competition for the hardest working room in the house, the kitchen would win first place and clay would come second. Now more than ever, a well-designed mud room sets the tone for an organized home. Design options are numerous and fully customizable for each family, creating a stress-free setting for a highly active space.

Tip #1: Mini washer and dryer
Instead of one large laundry room, many homeowners enjoy an extra laundry space tucked away in the mudroom. With mud just outside the garage and kitchen, having an efficient set of washing machines for dish towels, gardening clothes, and socks that shouldn’t go into the house is very convenient.

Tip #2: Durable Flooring
Everyone wants to easily clean the floors in the room where there are muddy shoes, dogs and snow pants. The first option is tiles, but did you know there are other options? In this terracotta, we have used finished grain wood, which can be arranged in a variety of patterns. Wood grain flooring is cut against the grain, making each piece extremely durable for high traffic areas. Streets are built with finished wood grain tiles for their impact resistance and hardness! RT Baldwin supplied and installed the clay pavers for this project, and the results were beautiful and indestructible.

Tip #3: Wash your dog and shoes
Do you wish you could rinse dirty shoes without dragging them home? Or spray a dog who has muddy feet? Creating a plant in a mudroom with a spout and a drain is very suitable for active beds. Filling a bucket to clean water, hanging up wet bathing suits, and letting snowshoes dry, there are endless uses for a well-designed wash basin in a mudroom.

Fourth tip: Individual lockers
Everyone will agree that keeping items separated and organized by family members is key to staying tidy. Make sure there are organizing tools inside each closet,
So it doesn’t all end up in a pile at the bottom. Hooks at different heights and shoe dividers on the bottom help keep everything visible.

Tip #5: Traditional Closet Space
Many jackets can be hung with a hook in the closet, but some coats are best stored on a hanger. Placing a small wardrobe in the mudroom helps keep everything close to garage and entry. Extra storage for shoes or taller items is also very useful.

Tip #6: Seat
The seat is useful when putting on shoes, bringing groceries or packing for the lake house. A place to sit or arrange things as they go in and out of the house, and benches are a must in the mud.

Tip #7: Baskets breathe
Storing items in the closet is great, but some things need to be accessed more quickly. This makes baskets a great choice for everyday slippers and shoes. Also, when they start to get dirty or smelly, it’s easy to take them outside for a quick clean.