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High ceilings add a sense of spaciousness and luxury that you simply cannot replicate. However, even if you live in a home with standard nine-foot ceilings, you can replicate that feeling with a few visual tweaks. By repositioning your existing items, you can visually increase the ceiling height. Here are some fancy tricks for adding height to your ceilings.

Lift the entrances
Raising doorways to accommodate full-height or floor-to-ceiling doors means the door extends to the full height of the ceiling. This instantly creates a visual breathing room and makes the entire space seem taller. You should also raise the driveway heights for consistency when raising the entrance

Install Transoms
Installing beams above doors and windows adds height and allows more natural light to shine through. Anytime there is an opportunity to shed plenty of natural light, the space will feel larger.

Extending cabinets to the ceiling
Whether in the kitchen, laundry room, pantry, or bathrooms, if you have nine-foot ceilings, moving cabinets to the ceiling will make the ceiling height appear higher. Store items you use occasionally at the top of a cabinet, such as holiday serving utensils, for a more convenient storage system.

Use tall bookshelves
Like cabinets, tall, slender bookshelves that extend to the ceiling will also draw the eye upward. The simple design of the shelves ensures that there is no feeling of clutter, which further contributes to the feeling of spaciousness.

High hung window treatments
Hanging window treatments high and wide can make the ceiling appear higher and make the windows appear larger. Extending the curtain rod as close to the ceiling as possible will make the ceiling appear taller, while 8 to 12 inches past the window frame will make the window appear larger.

Extended Finish Fireplace
Lift the heater face up to the ceiling. This creates the illusion of a lavish fireplace, displaying height and creating more of a focal point. A continuous line of one material running all the way through can make a room of standard height look large.

Select a monochrome paint scheme
Painting the baseboards and ceiling the same color as the wall makes the room appear larger, as there is no distinction between where the ceiling begins. This effect can lengthen the walls, making the room appear larger. Even a room with eight-foot ceilings can have a sense of luxury if they are all covered in the same color.

Hang full height mirrors
Using mirrors throughout the space can make the overall room appear larger. For example, hanging a full-length mirror that extends to the ceiling can create higher ceilings. Whether the mirror is leaning against the wall or mounted, it will create the illusion of height.

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