Dickinson homes damaged by Hurricane Harvey will soon get a new buyer of up to $ 330,000


Dickinson, TX (KTRK) – Dickinson residents affected by Hurricane Harvey will have the option to sell their homes soon, and the property will not necessarily be converted to empty space.

Eight districts around Dickinson could sell their homes to the city soon

There are eight departments in Dickinson hard hit by Hurricane Harvey where residents are entitled to homes that the city buys.

It’s a storm that Dan Morgan remembers well. “Same if you turn it into a four-foot-deep pool,” Morgan recalls. “It’s risen to waist height at home.”

Morgan lives in a neighborhood that qualifies for Dickinson’s new buyback program. There are more than 9 million dollars to buy homes.

Neighbors can even get $35,000 in resettlement assistance if they reside in Dickinson. “I think there are a lot of people who need help like that,” Morgan explained.

The application process begins within weeks

Here’s how it works. Neighbors can start applying on July 1.

They will find out by the end of the year if they have been selected. The property will be demolished.

Buyback programs usually mean those places will remain green spaces. Not this time, according to Mayor Sean Skipworth.

“The acquisition is something new they are trying to try as it has been explained to me,” Skipworth said. “The house will be demolished, after which a flood mitigating house will be rebuilt on that property.”

The program is voluntary. Proof of flood damage and home ownership. “This is not where we can go in and give you a million dollars for a tiny house,” Skipworth explained. “It’s been capped. It’s a fair market value. There are specific guidelines on that as well.”

If you are not in one of the specified areas, contact the city by the end of the month

Before the application process begins, city leaders want to hear from neighbors. There is a comment pane open now.

It runs until the end of April. If your home is not in one of the designated areas, now is the time to contact city leaders.

“We want to hear from you,” Skipworth said. “We can’t guarantee because you said, ‘My house has flooded so much that we’re going to add it to the area, but we certainly do, and if there’s an area that we haven’t adequately addressed by not making it eligible, we want to know that.'”

The program aims to remove the pest and help neighbors pick up the pieces nearly five years after Harvey severely influenced Dickinson. “For me, the people in this neighborhood are very strong,” Morgan said. “They’ve been here for a while. This is their home.”

The most a single family home can get is about $330,000. If the property has a new home built, flood mitigation measures will be implemented. This way, we hope it won’t overflow again if another hurricane passes.

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