Didion Melling, factory officials accused of fatal explosion in 2017

A milling company that prides itself not only on the speed and efficiency of its newly rebuilt corn mill, but on the company’s commitment to safety, has been accused of fraud and conspiracy in connection with an explosion that killed five workers in 2017.

A federal grand jury in Madison issued an indictment on May 11, 2022, alleging Didion Milling Inc. (DMI) and company leaders intentionally violated two federal safety laws by failing to regularly clean dust accumulations from inside the plant which eventually led to a combustible dust explosion that killed five employees and injured more than a dozen others who were working at the plant on the evening of May 31, 2017. .

Among those killed in the explosion were Doyle Block, Robert Godino, Carlos “Charlie” Nunez, Angel Reyes and Paul Tordoff.

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