Dining room wall decorating ideas for 2022 that will change where you eat

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A dining area with a dreamy ambiance can easily enhance a meal. And while crafting a charming tablescape is essential, it’s the dining room’s elevated wall décor that really makes the difference. Of course, setting everything up is a lot easier said than done, which is why today we bring you clever, designer-approved ideas that you and your guests will love. Whether you’re hoping to give your space a complete makeover or start over, there are plenty of ways you can go like embracing mural wallpaper or designing your own basket gallery wall. After browsing these genius ideas, you’ll have a vision – or at least some inspiration – for your dining room that will make it your new favorite spot in the house.

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If you think a gallery wall of prints and paintings is overrated, create a wall with paintings, instead. And don’t worry about how to hang it up, because we’ve got you covered with a step-by-step guide.

Wallpaper always makes a room look better. Whether you use wallpaper on only the top half of the walls, an entire wall, or cover every inch of your dining room, you can’t go wrong.

For an option that gives you the same effect as a mural without the commitment, try a large texture. Our Anthropologie outdoor scene has a sense of calm.


Wallscape Metal Planters

Plant a little greenery in your dining room with wall planters. These minerals come in two sizes, so you can fit a variety of small to medium plants in them.


Wooden wall decor and breeding station

Or if you don’t have a green thumb, use these woody propagating plants to display dried flowers that require no care.

Set the scene in your dining room with the colorful glow of a neon sign. Go the pre-made route or make it extra special with a custom design – you can record both from Yellowpop.

For a clean, modern gallery wall, use a set of matching frames. Joss & Main set includes 12 8″ x 8″ frames – fill them with family photos or your own artwork.

Or if the thought of figuring out what to put on a gallery wall stresses you—and you’re a music fan—lighten some of your favorite recordings on clear acrylic shelves.

Susan Habla for Swiss Marine

If gallery walls where a lot of things happen aren’t your thing, consider a three-part mural, like Anthropologie’s Black and White Floral piece.

Invest in a gold ornate mirror for your dining room, and you won’t be disappointed. Place it on a shelf or choose a horizontal shape that stands out on its own.

For sculptural details, arrange a few of these brass egret hangings on a dining room wall for an elegant display. Each set comes in three different sizes.

For anyone looking for a boho look, create a basket wall. Buy individual baskets to create a unique arrangement or buy groups from sellers on sites like Etsy. Bonus points if you incorporate a woven mirror, like this one from Jungalow.

Posters can look especially dreamy in a dining room. For a nostalgic touch, turn to vintage movie posters or retro ads.

Build a custom wine wall and take advantage of cues by Catherine Kwong Design (or simply purchase a wine rack). You will be able to display your favorite wine And the Easy to access during meals.

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world map push pin wall art

If you love to travel, consider hanging a pin-shaped mural of a world map. Every time you have a meal, you will be reminded of all the memories and places you visited.

Make your dining room look bigger while amplifying the lighting by mirroring the walls as inspired by designer Leanne Ford.

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Incorporate texture and warmth into the dining area with a large macrame wall hanging, like our suggestion from Teddy and Wool that reminds us of a mountainous landscape.

With a framed TV in your dining room, you’ll be able to watch your shows or view a collection of digital artwork that’s easy to change any time you want to see something new.

Finally, for those who want a bigger change, consider rearranging your home layout. Can you center the dining area around a window with a view? If so, the view will be your decorative piece and you won’t need anything else to complement it – unless you want a fun window treatment like simple sheer curtains.

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