District Standard and Fulton Public Schools simplify business operations and increase cost savings with Auvik Network management tools

Auvik network management helps small IT teams make a big impact with remote monitoring and management capabilities

Waterloo, Ontario, June 23, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Ovik, the award-winning provider of cloud-based network management software, today announced that Standard School District and Fulton Public Schools are working with Auvik, increasing efficiency and real-time network visibility and enhancing the strength of its return on investment.

Fulton Public Schools in Missouri is a fully accredited district with 2,200 students in three elementary schools, a middle school, a high school, and an early childhood center. The Standard School District is located in California, and serves 3,100 students in three elementary schools and one middle school. Both districts have dedicated IT teams that monitor the technology needs of all schools in their districts.

Network management is becoming an increasingly prominent need in education facilities, as many areas continue virtual learning options and increase the number of connected safety devices and interactive learning technology within the classroom. Prior to implementing Auvik’s network management software, teams relied on manual configuration and monitoring—using large portions of their workday to travel to each school and perform maintenance on individual machines. Now, Auvik offers remote management and maintenance, allowing teams to focus on other priorities.

“It only took a few days to get a return on value from the entire implementation,” said Jeff Davis, Director of Information Technology, Standard School District. “We tried a few open source tools before Auvik, but they were too heavy to configure and took a lot of high-level staff time. The team also explored some commercial offerings but found that they were either vendor-specific, cost-blocking, or both. Configuration ran Auvik is up and running in just under an hour and has helped us streamline our business operations, allowing our entry-level techs to find and fix network problems directly, while tiered tech invests their time in larger projects.”

Dan Hedgpath, director of technology at Fulton Public Schools, also turned to UIC to help his team improve operational efficiency and help the district better prepare for long-term growth. One of the first projects the four-man team tackled was to add more than 200 video surveillance cameras to each campus. With Auvik, they can manage and monitor all these devices from a central location.

“Auvik is a visual tool that helps the team quickly understand where they should look first if there is a problem,” Hedgpath said. “We are currently doing extensive planning for long-term growth, which includes additional IT equipment, so central management has been a huge priority for us. With Auvik, we don’t have to manually monitor and authenticate our network or travel to campus to update firmware – we can look up an IP address for data Port on a device across town without ever having to leave the office. As we continue to add devices to our network, automated configuration backups, visibility through mapping, authentication, and real-time alerts have saved our team hours of travel and on-site service.”

To learn more about Auvik’s cloud-based network management software, visit auvik.com.

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