€149.99 for a robotic vacuum cleaner compatible with Alexa and Google Home

It has an average power of the rest of the competitors and a two-hour cleaning autonomy.

In the market of robotic vacuum cleaners where the current owners are Xiaomi, Roborock and iRobot, there are other companies among the best sellers with models like this Levent M210P Which you can only buy today 259.99 149.99 euros on Amazon. This price can be achieved thanks to a Discount coupon 110 euros which you must mark before adding the product to your basket.

If you are thinking of buying a robotic vacuum cleaner and don’t want to spend a lot of money to get good suction power, smart navigation and voice control, this model contains and It costs less than 150 euros. In addition to being slim, this device is quiet and has volume Great cleaning autonomyIts price is a real bargain.

Levant M210P Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Get a powerful robotic vacuum cleaner for 149.99€

In the field of robotic vacuum cleaners, there are not only Roomba and Xiaomi

There is a lot Reasons to buy a robot vacuum cleaner nowIt doesn’t have to be this. Between the convenience of smart cleaning and avoiding the time and effort spent cleaning yourself and the ability to program this vacuum whenever you want, there is the most important reasons. But, on a certain level, these are the things that specifically make me buy a Lefant robot vacuum cleaner:

  • suction power: The suction power of this robot 2,200 APThis is exactly the market average for the rest of the robotic vacuum cleaners. It’s the perfect powerhouse for cleaning everything on hard and flat floors, as well as removing them In one pass the vast majority of hair and dust carpet. You may have to go over the carpet twice to remove more dirt. In addition, it has a mode in which the turbo vacuum mode is activated when it detects that it is rising on the carpet.
  • Navigation and use: This model has intelligent satellite navigation. This uses a file Infrared sensor to avoid breakdown With any object or piece of furniture, save the path on the map in the Lefant app, then repeat it almost 100% by modifying certain movements that make cleaning more effective and faster than the first time. It can be controlled at the same time because it is Compatible with Alexa and Google Home. If you have an echo speaker or Google Home mini, you can activate and deactivate the bot with your voice.
  • design: It is one of the thinnest robotic vacuum cleaners on the market today. however Only 7.8 cm long It can fit under the vast majority of furniture, sofas and chairs. secondly, diameter 28 cm, when most robots are between 32 and 35 cm. Measure your furniture before you buy it, advice from a user of two robots.

Levant M210P Robot Vacuum Cleaner

To use all the functions of this robot vacuum cleaner you can use Levant Life App Available for Android Y for iOS. have 4 suction modes By strength and group of 120 minutes cleaning (about 120 m² of surface).

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