East Jefferson Transfer August 31-September. 8, 2022. See list of home sales and other sales | home and garden

Below is a selection of properties sold in East Jefferson Parish from August 31 to September. 8, 2022. Data is aggregated from public records.

East Jefferson

Transfers from August 31 to September 8


Anthony Ave. 232: Dylan A. Hill and Victoria Hill to Timothy Shannon and Sarah Eads, $262,400.

Anthony Ave .264: Lynsey AA Shaffer to Amy M. Sprout, $274,000.

175 Bailey Street: Tammy Westbrook and Lloyd J. Lashney to Daisy M. Camardell $420,000.

East Ave. 253: David Collet and Laurie L. Collet to Christopher F. Johnston Jr. and Cherie L. Johnston, $225,000.

Jefferson Highway 8572: D106 LLC for Naquin Investment Real Estate LLC, $245,000.

May Ave. 212:212 Mayo LLC to Brian A. Robichaux and Robert T. Vale IV, $225,000.

N. Al Davis Road 1105: Zynn Properties LLC to Geocor Properties LLC, $600,000.

Park Ave. 133: Catherine M. Clinton to Sarah M. Murray, $240,000.


Arlington St. 2822: Gordon W. Tschantz to 2822 Arlington LLC, $73,000.

Eight Saint 3409: Stephen C. Steward to Patrick R. Gamble and Lauren Gamble, $550,000.

James St. 2113-15: Gail M. Daquin, Robert J. Daquin, and Kenneth G. Daquin to SN Investments LLC, $175,000.

Jefferson Terrace Division, Division 37, Box 5: From Theresa A. Smith to Clinton M. Keane and Elizabeth M. Keane, $268,000.

Lions St. 315: Nancy Vimia to Angela Joyce, Sean Joyce and Natalie Ruiz, $185,000.

127 Rincobas Street: Isabel Bischoff, Richard T. Caffarel, Cynthia Caffarel, and Cynthia C. Truxler to Darlene L.B. Rodriguez, $70,000.

Shrewsbury Rd 309-11: 309-311 Shrewsbury Rd LLC to Troy L Bergeron, $280,000.


Hanson City, Lot 18, Parts 17 and 19, Box 3: Joseph Orlando and Martin A. Orlando Jr. and Teresa J. Orlando to George Orlando, donate.

2204 33rd Street: Herbert L. Kaufman LLC to Liliana Sanchez and Eduardo S.Leyva, $252,000.

Old Townhouse Apartment, Unit 53-D: Donation from Nikolaos Badasi to Triantavilia H.

Old Townhouse Apartment, Unit 59-C: Jules P. Centanni Sr. and Amanda S. Centanni to Just Canales and Christian Canales, $98,000.

Arizona Ave. 3611: James and Elaine Kelly Revocable Life Fund for Mirza K. Paige and Asia A. Khan, $176,500.

Arizona Ave. 3804: From Enoelia Perez to Oriana JM Vindel, $225,000.

Avant Guard Condo, Building 15, Unit 107: Helen C. Mora and Auguste J. Mora, Jr. to Elizabeth J. Phillips, $154,000.

Cobblestone Village apartment, no further data: Mount Corp. For ACINOM Enterprises LLC, $1,925,000.

Connecticut Ave. 3721: Dustin L. Brown to Cynthia A. Brown, donation.

Connecticut Ave. 4016: Ashley M. Juneau and Kaitlyn E. Juneau to Lauren E.P. Hunter, $210,000.

David Drive 4632: Ashley W. Tripolili, Gregory J. Tribule and Ashley T. Woolley to Donna Fury, $359,000.

Loyola Drive 527: Marilyn F. Rosato to Olvin RS Andrade and Eda YV Lunaty, $195,000.

Gadsden St. 2620: Leonard E. White and Lorrine White to Misael EV Bautista and Elizabeth C. Bautista, $52,000.

1603 Garden Street: Champaign Williams for Bossy Extensions LLC, donate.

Grandbay Court 19: Laura Cooke to Rana Muhammad and Helmy Gouda, $316,500.

Grandwood Blvd. 3314: Robin F. Saya to Roger D. Rankin, $270,000.

Idaho Ave. 2015: Joann Trepagnier to Darrell P. Bourg Jr. , $150,000.

Idaho Ave. 4324: Lauren de Manuel to Terrance L. Bradley and Teri MC Bradley, $240,000.

Idaho Avenue Apartment, Unit 6: Sagacious LLC to Waldina Aguirre and Joel E. Aguirre, $154,900.

Indiana Ave. 3037: Michael J. Bourgeois to Blake Vickers and Megan A. Vickers, $330,000.

Loire Drive 4200: Syed Muniruzzaman and Vision in Khan by Ibrahim Al-Khatib, $330,000.

Who is ave? 1212: Rina Wolfe to John Green, $204,500.

Million Oaks Apartment, Unit B-6: Jeffrey W. Marquette and Jared M. Morris to Richard C. Buffer and Jaylene M. Buffer, $130,000.

Rue Chardonnay 25-E: Phillip P. Hurd to Grant L.Gouldman, $132,000.

St. Louis Street 2: Edmund C. Muniz and Peggy in Muniz to Ugur Demir, $320,000.

University City Division, Block 41A, Block 85: Jessica S. Zaldivar to Marco S. Zaldivar, donate.

Village Road 724-C: Darrell P. Bourg Jr. to Joann Trepagnier, $150,000.

Village Road 728-H: Duong T. Nguyen to Richard Hymel, $120,000.

Louisiana State Route 3412: Paul E. Hellmanson and Renee Hellmanson to Hector Mendoza, $159K.

W. Loyola Drive 315: Lily Colindres and Gilda R. Morales to Jessica Hernandez, donation.


Academy Drive 4220: Mark E. Ferrero, John R. Ferrero, Nancy F. Acosta, Paul A. Ferrero and Janis Ferrero to Haley M. Hoffman, $225,000.

Belmont Place 3016: Gordon Lewis Webb Living Trust to DAUDO LLC, $205,000.

2817 Berwick Street: Alvin Nora to Brennen J. Nora, donation.

5700 Potal Street: Oscar J. Hernandez Jr. to David A. Rivera, $219,000.

Brockenbraugh Court 916: Genevieve Meyers to Elizabeth P. Mayer, $100.

Brockenbraugh Court 924: Michael de Abril to Andrew Ellagese and Stephanie A.Y. Ellagese, $699,900.

Bullard Ave.1501: Valdor F. Bergeron to Z&C Developments LLC, $201,000.

Carriage Court Condo, unit 101: Deborah R. Pareti to Theresa A. Smith and Sandra T. Pichon, $125,000.

7045 Christine Street: Angela Lemoine and Gregory A. Michel to Aaron B. Chateau and Angela Chateau, $325,000.

Claudius Saint 1617: Barbara Montesano to Empire Group LLC, $255,000.

Cleveland Place 3708: Elizabeth de Boras to Howe He and Jimin Wei Hee, $418,000.

1508 Collapesa Street: Brian S. Matty to South Gulf Development Company Limited, $100.

Colapissa St. 1509: AGG Enterprise LLC to Jennifer E. Hale, $1,030,000.

6416 Cummins Street: Risel P. Gomez to Gloria AO Ortega and Elmer RR Arriaza, $132,000.

Division St. 1224: Brett A. Buckley and Jamie L. Buckley to RGBB LLC, $187,500.

William David Parkway 1133: Susan Coston and Clifford J. Mueller to Dana Bailey, $310 thousand.

Eisenhower Ave. 1412: James L. Ratliff to Edgar O. C. Zyron and Maria Zyron, $250,000.

Elise Ave. 2221: Daniel M. Lagrange by Stephanie Tempe, $294,999.

Elmeer Ave.1004: Jewel D. Breaux to activate Property Solutions LLC, $170,000.

Elmeer Ave. 552: Taylor J. Hebert and Brooke D. Hebert to Alexander E. Autin and Rose S. Autin, $675,000.

Hammond Highway 400: Melissa Douglas Trust Non-Institutional Stocks, Molly M. Hadden, John C. Hadden Jr., William D. Walter M. Gundlach, $100.

Division of Harlem, Section 24, Box 139: McKinley D. Lewis to PM Investment LLC, $20,000.

Hesper Ave. 454: Bonnabel Properties Inc. For Robert Richmond IV, $37,000.

Houmt Avenue. 2500: Antoine Investments LLC to Oscar L. Raines, $192,500.

Houmt Avenue. 3805: Dennis T. O’Sullivan and Danielle M. O’Sullivan to Nicole Dole, $135,000.

James Drive 3513: Jeannette C. Generes and Louis F. Generes III to HPA II Acquisitions 1 LLC, $245,600.

Lime St. 3424: Rodger W. Mcree to Haroutioun Kassardjian and Ani O.B. Kassardjian, $212,000.

Livingston Place East 300: Kim B. Oswald and Robert E. Oswald Jr. to Edward J. Eastlack and Giselle D. Eastlack, $1,790,000.

Loveland St. 5212: Stephen C. Sparks and Teddy Sparks to Elizabeth Martina, $445,000.

Margie St. 2617: Jana Dendinger and Jessica Dendinger to Nola Home Services LLC, $180,000.

Margaret Route 705: Timothy S. Sparks and Kristen A. Sparks to Patricia A. Kelly, $444,000.

Marian Ave.1010: Lloyd E. Donahoe to JW Development LLC, $90,000.

Meadowdale St. 5221: Bill Cruz Jr. and Cheri A. Cruz to Kirk T. Faust, $265,000.

Metairie Court 49: Matthew J. Datri to Mailbox Money 343 LLC, $385,000.

Metairie Hammond Highway 420: Carroll W. Schouest to Linda Chidester, $314,500.

Mississippi Avenue 2329: Cameron Bordlaw for Michael W. Roach and Rachel M. Roach, $170,000.

Mulberry Drive 124: Craig W. Smith and Catherine E. Smith to Donald H. Frampton and Meryl Frampton, $100.

N. Atlanta St. 1213: Thomas K. Murphy to Theresa M. Fritzler, $257,500.

Nassau Drive 19: Malena B. Lepetich to Daniel J. Haag, $100.

N. Turnbull Drive 3801: Rosemary Theresa Reck Kaiser Living Trust to Kristen H. White, $417,000.

N. Turnbull Drive 4109: Mary VS Crawford to Ryan Livaudais and Haley Livaudais, $505,000.

220-22 N. Wilson Street: CLAC Properties LLC to ZW Properties LLC, $210,000.

Nursery Street .334: Kelly Reagan, Reed B. Hess, and Kelly Luttrell to Marie Favrot and James Favrot Jr., $100.

Pontchartrain Place Apartment, Unit 216: Kirsten E. Reisig to Eric Lundgren, $10.

Riverside Court Condo Phase 2, Unit 228: Burde Kamath Living Trust and Urmila Kamath Living Trust to MMK Investments 786 LLC, $100.

Rosalie Court 6205: Amy LR Sandridge and William S. Renodin Jr., $100,000. To John C.Y. Cabrera and Mary T. Bendeck, $189,800.

Schofield St. 3729: Mary A.T. Ridgeley to Joseph Zubardo and Jonah C. Zubardo, $315,000.

Seville Square Apartment, Unit 109: Richard J. Douzat Jr. to John J. McAllister, $66,000.

Tartan Drive 3805: Cornelius J. O’Donnell to Tartan Investments LLC, $170,000.

Toby Lynn 4804: Harold F. Carriles II and Donna Carriles to Jerson A. Dubon and Jessica Dubon, $673,000.

Villa D’Orleans Apartment, Unit 504: Lisa M. Bacques to Odalys O. Fuentes, Alexander P. Fuentes, and Odalys Peralta, $95,000.

Whitney Place 2712: Mary Bancamo to Charles A. Bennett and Josephine Bennett, $114,000.

Woodland St. 4617: Amy Steen and Erin Steen to Gavin N. Reggio, $280,000.

Woodvine Ave. 440: Joyce Staba to RES Prop Nola LLC, $100.

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Garden Road 270: Debra DiPaula and William H. Brinkman Jr. to Jean Bradley, $240,000.

Joel Ave. 10037: Johnanna O. Crosland and Samuel E. Crosland to Paul J. Lalla, donation.

Roslyn Drive 9425: Jayson J. Babin to Philip Culotta IV and Angelle M. Villarrubia, $173000.

9213 3rd Street: Sarah P. Nacari by James T. Craft and Laurie L.K. Williamson, $264,000.

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