Enjoy the view at the City Park Golf Course Pub

Denver’s dining scene is seeing a major comeback — and we’re hungry to get out. With so many new projects and old favorites to visit, the choices can be overwhelming. So we offer Short Stop, with recommendations for things that should definitely be on your culinary shortlist. This week, head to the City Park Tavern for pub food and one of Denver’s finest skyline views. what or what: City Park Tavern

where: 3181 East 23rd Street

When: Open from sunrise to sunset, seven days a week

for further information: Visit cityofdenvergolf.com/city_park

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Extensive mountain and Denver skyline views come from the restaurant’s floor-to-ceiling windows.

Kristen Pazolski

About the place: The City Park Tavern is located in the middle of the eighteen-hole City Park golf course, which reopened two years ago after a complete renovation as part of the city’s flood mitigation project. It offers a golfers’ club, with a lounge area and golf shop sharing the building – but the view of Denver’s stunning skyline makes it a must-see for non-goers, too.

The original club, which was on the corner of York Street and East 26th Street, was arguably the best under the radar brunch patio in Denver. When the brunch scene exploded nearly a decade ago and it seemed like there was one patio seat for every ten Denverites on weekends, the patio at City Park Golf Course was always half empty and shaded.

The new City Park Tavern, operated by FLOG, a company that operates restaurants on four of the city’s golf courses, reopened in September 2020 in an entirely new building on top of the slope on which City Park is located. If you’ve ever stood on the park side of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and looked west, you’ll have a pretty good idea of ​​what to expect from the view at City Park Tavern—a gorgeous expanse of mountains cut only by the Denver skyline.

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The City Park Tavern on its city-owned golf course attracts more than just golfers with its views and pub fare.

Kristen Pazolski

This view attracted the community as well as golfers to the restaurant’s patio. “Depending on the day or time, it could be 50 percent [non-golfers]Especially when the situation is better, says Rita Pereira, assistant manager. When the patio is too hot, the air-conditioned restaurant with its floor-to-ceiling windows offers the same view with more comfort.

You can’t be in a hurry at City Park Tavern. There are usually only two or three employees running the bar, dining room, patio and go-to golfers who can take food on their carts. So settle in, enjoy the view and enjoy the boisterous John Daly. If you want to play golf (sort of), you can also get a few clubs, a can of beer, and access to the driving range – it’s $6 for a small bucket, $11 for a medium and $15 for a large.

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Chicken Caesar Wrap at City Park Tavern.

Kristen Pazolski

What are you eating: The City Park Tavern menu includes fairly standard pub fare and is well done, with prices ranging from $5.95 (for a hot dog) to $15.95 (for Steak Tidbits with Bernese), although in the winter they also serve rib Excellent on Friday Nights – 12 oz pieces is $19.95. The extensive kids’ menu includes smaller portions of items such as nachos, sliders, wings, and pasta ($6.95 to $7.95).

Options on the regular menu include classics like BLT with avocado and tuna melt and turkey Rueben. The burger menu is extensive, and the beef can be substituted for a chicken, turkey or vegetable patty. Salads are available, including Cobb and Caeser, as well as Caesar rolls. The restaurant is also surprisingly Mexican. Nachos in particular are a must to share as an aperitif.

From sunrise until 11 a.m., the restaurant offers a breakfast menu with options like avocado toast, two types of eggs Benedict, buttermilk pancakes and huevos rancheros, ranging from $6.95 to $11.95.

City Park Tavern also has a full bar, including a beer list with drafts from Denver Beer Co. Wine & Club Soda) and John Daly (Arnold Palmer with Tito Vodka).

Indoors or out, seating at the City Park Tavern is a visual and delicious treat for locals, visitors, and golfers alike.

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