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It’s always fun to know where you want to vacation, what activities to do, and which restaurants to try in a new destination. And we’re all in the process of deciding what looks the most fun based on our region anigramCharacter type, from movies to dream jobs Taylor Swift’s words. Why should vacation destinations be different? Keep scrolling for really good travel ideas you’ll want to visit no matter what type of enneagram your are.

Enneagram 1: A road trip

A full road trip with a full itinerary is a great way to let your detailed self shine through. It may sound crazy to others, but sometimes there’s nothing better than planning everything you’ll do, eat, and see for the duration of your trip. Let’s plan the most beautiful road trips in the US!

Enneagram 2: Spa

summer vacation spa enneagram

Image via Alan Keshan /Unsplash

When you constantly take care of others, a real vacation means choosing a place where you can relax and take care of yourself. What better place to do this than at a spa? We are talking about hot tubs, massage and steam rooms. Here are 12 spas that fulfill all your weekend dream come true. Let us know if you need a plus one. I’m just saying…

Enneagram 3: Big City

New York City Vacation

We love big cities for the sentiment and just for the fact that there’s something to be done every minute of the day. If you do too, what better way to take a vacation than to wander somewhere like New York City. There are so many spots to see, shops to browse, parks to explore and you’ll be busy from breakfast to dinner and beyond. Don’t forget to pack comfortable sneakers and sandals!

Enneagram 4: Favorite Childhood Site

childhood vacation destination enneagram

Image via Vika Strawberrika /Unsplash

Four loves nostalgia, and what better place to experience the good old times than a place you loved when you were a kid, especially if that place played a role in shaping your creativity or shaping your personality. Whether you visit a local park every year, or want to see your favorite childhood park, this is a great way to reconnect with your roots and even show your kids, friends, or even a favorite place from your past.

Enneagram 5: Historic Site

Millennium Gate Museum

If you are an inquisitive and observant person, as is the case for the children of Engram, you will enjoy traveling to a place with a lot of information for you to absorb. Historic sites, libraries, and museums offer an opportunity to dig into the past and learn something new.

Enneagram 6: The Beach

vacation beach

Find a coastline where you can relax and unwind with your favorite beach reading And leave all the pressures of daily life back home. Take some of your best friends along, or choose to travel with your books, notebooks, or art supplies instead. This vacation is all about you*.

Enneagram 7: Somewhere with the fun of nightlife

Nashville vacation enneagram

Seven is about the life of the party and what better place to do it than somewhere like Nashville. Explore the city during the day, eat loads of great food (like this pink donut), and then get ready to have the time of your life after sunset with live music, nightlife and cocktails!

Enneagram 8: A multi-day outing

Brit on running outside enneagram

Participating in something active and intense is a great way to spend time together. There are plenty of trips around the country that you can take for one day or several days, depending on how you feel. Not much of an outdoor gal? Try an escape room instead ;).

Enneagram 9: A picturesque little town

Small town vacation destination

Somewhere relaxing, idyllic and nostalgic is a great place to take a deep breath and take a walk. Leave plans open with automatic stops and figure out what you want to do when you want to do it. Plus, you’re bound to find great local food and meet friendly locals. Enjoy!

Where is your dream vacation destination? let’s know Twitter And subscribe to our email newsletter for more travel inspiration. You can also check out our beach vacation playlist on Spotify!

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