Escambia County Contractors Efficiency Board member fired for stepping down

The Escambia County Commission dismissed a member of the Contractor Competency Board after he stepped down in issues dealing with contractors Matt Banks and Jesse Lacoste.

The committee voted four to one to remove Larry Downs Jr. from the board that oversees building contractors working in Escambia County.

Banks and LaCoste have several cases pending before the Competency Council alleging that they took payments for home remodeling jobs but did not complete the work.

Downs, who owns a plumbing company and has been on the board of directors since 2018, has stepped aside in the cases stating that he appeared to be inappropriate because he did plumbing work as a subcontractor to banks from 2015 to 2017. Downs said he also supported youth sports activities that were involved. where the banks.

Larry Downs Jr., an outspoken citizen against government overreach and overregulation, has been voted on the Escambia County Contractor Efficiency Board to disqualify himself from the case of controversial contractor Matt Banks.

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Downs said he stepped down from the Lacoste cases after learning that Lacoste was Banks’ brother-in-law.

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