Ex-burglar reveals tricks to keeping your home safe before Christmas, including leaving the house untidy and fake keys

A former burglar has revealed tricks to help keep your home safe this Christmas.

Close to the holiday season, low-life thieves target homes filled with expensive tech and gifts.


The dummy key can save your valuables from being stolencredit: Getty

Taking to Reddit, ex-criminals tell people what they should do to protect their homes around Christmastime.

The run-up to Christmas can make people worry about the safety of the home as many of us stock up on high-value items with the intention of giving them to loved ones on Christmas Day.

A former thief highlighted the importance of keeping doors, windows, and awnings closed.

He also told people to plant flowers with thorns under the windows.

“Any safe that has not been locked and is small enough to hold two or two people is not safe at all,” said the thief.

In the forum, former thieves and those who were victims of burglary gathered to reveal the best hiding places for valuables.

At the beginning of the thread, a Reddit user shared his unusual tips for fending off potential intrusions.

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The poster recommended: “I stick a spare key (not one that unlocks something important) under the door mat. Is that weird, isn’t it?”

A fake key under your doormat will deter thieves because they will immediately feel “shocked”, so you are less likely to go further because you are more likely to have more “booby traps” prepared to catch them.

The smart safety fan explained, “A few years ago I did this in addition to installing the cameras.

“Over the past couple of years, I’ve seen this particular scenario happen: the thief walks to the door, checks under the rug, tries unsuccessfully to grab the key, backs up, and looks around to see if anyone is watching (likely because they think they’ve fallen for a trap). / mold where they are being watched), and leave.

“They don’t even look for another way because that scares them.”

If a burglar enters your home, even safes are not a safe option when it comes to a break-in, with one burglar admitting that this was the first thing they went for.

So, the forum moved to the post where it was the best place to hide valuables.

A woman suggested two strange hiding places, saying, “The former crime reporter is here. Tampons and cat litter are good. I’ve also seen false safe ports as a safe.”

Lots of posters recommended getting real or fake cameras, and “beware the dog” signs to deter thieves even more.

Many also agreed that a messy house was a better sign that someone was home because the super tidy house made it look like the family was on vacation.

To prove that a lack of cleanliness could pay off, someone wrote: “Someone broke into my family’s house and checked everything – took all the money and jewelry they found.

“Except for my room, which was a mess at first. I had 800 euros and gold earrings on my desk, I was just sitting there. The thieves opened the doors. They moved nothing.”

With his approval, another had a similar experience, saying: ‘If my house had been burgled by an alleged friend. He missed by far the most valuable thing. It’s just a safe sitting spot on the laundry room floor. He missed it because I messed up and was covered with a mountain of dirty clothes and towels. So not arranging saved me over $35,000.”

The long thread ended with warning homeowners to share holiday posts on social media in real time to avoid sharing a vacant home, and to invest in automatic lighting so the home looks like someone’s home.

Just like Kevin McAllister did in Home Alone.

They said not to store the keys near the door, because: “The amount of stolen cars in which a thief enters one step into the house, picks up the keys to the family’s car and leaves at once is sad.”

An ex-car thief warns people to never save your address as ‘home’ in your car’s navigation system because then the thief can grab your house keys and your car keys and the car will easily drive them to steal your empty house.

Those concerned about the safety of their homes flocked to the topic, which garnered thousands of comments and attention.

Auto thefts are on the rise or even those looking to steal goods from your car5

Auto thefts are on the rise or even those looking to steal goods from your carCredit: Getty – Contributor
Christmas can be a busy time for thieves


Christmas can be a busy time for thievesCredit: Getty – Contributor
Imitation jewelry boxes full of fake jewelry can distract thieves from the real merchandise


Imitation jewelry boxes full of fake jewelry can distract thieves from the real merchandiseCredit: Getty – Contributor


Many thieves said they were in time limits but already know all the “secret” hiding places of valuablesCredit: Getty – Contributor

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