Ex-prison priest sues after inmate alleges sexual assault

The American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada is suing on behalf of a convicted murderer who accused a Department of Corrections chaplain of sexually assaulting her in a Las Vegas-area jail.

55-year-old Reverend Donald Porse was arrested May 24 and booked into Clark County Detention Center. The Nevada District Attorney’s Office indicted him on two felony counts of sexual assault of an inmate by a prison employee and a felony misdemeanor relating to unauthorized contact with an inmate by a prison employee.

According to the lawsuit and Boerse’s arrest report, the woman accused Boris of sexually assaulting her after he offered to get her in exchange for sexual acts.

The lawsuit was filed on Friday. Attempts to reach Bors on Tuesday were unsuccessful.

Burse began visiting the plaintiff’s residence at the Florence McClure Correctional Center for Women around June or July of 2020, according to the lawsuit. The woman in the document is identified as Danielle Flynn, who was sentenced in 2019 to life in prison with the possibility of parole 20 years after a fatal 2012 shooting, according to court records.

“What began as an informal conversation with Mr. Burse regarding Mrs. Flynn’s religion, soon turned into inappropriate comments about Mrs. Flynn’s body and her sexual acts which he wished to perform with Mrs. Flynn,” the complaint said.

In August 2020, Boris summoned Flynn into his office in the prison chapel, where Flynn thought he was going to give her a Bible, according to the lawsuit.

In the office, Burse said he could “get certain things for Mrs. Flynn” in exchange for sexual acts. According to the complaint, Bourse sexually assaulted Flynn inside the office.

After the first sexual assault, Boris called Flynn again in his office, when Flynn thought that Boris “had the things he promised her.” Instead, Bourse locked the door, sexually assaulted Flynn and “warned her not to tell anyone what happened,” the lawsuit alleges.

According to the complaint, the chapel and Bourse’s office are not monitored by security cameras, and the Department of Corrections has learned that the church is an isolated area and a common place where sexual violence may occur.

According to the lawsuit, there is no policy prohibiting male prison staff from being alone with female inmates.

Flynn filed a complaint with the prison in August 2021 to report the two sexual assaults, and the prison told her that the investigation was completed in January, the lawsuit says. Borse was later dismissed from his position as chaplain.

The lawsuit alleges that “NDOC and its employees knew Mr. Porse had sexually assaulted other associates and failed to take steps to prevent the same from happening to Ms. Flynn.”

The Nevada Department of Corrections did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the lawsuit or other sexual assault allegations.

Borse’s criminal attorney, Sean Sullivan, previously told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that the charges are not credible.

“He’s a respected longtime member of the community who grew up in Las Vegas and graduated from high school here,” Sullivan said. I don’t think these claims have any merit. I ask everyone to remain open until the evidence emerges.”

Sullivan did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Tuesday.

Court records show that Bourass was released from custody on a pledge of his own after his arrest. A preliminary hearing in the case is scheduled for November 9.

In 2019, a jury convicted Flynn of conspiracy to commit murder and murder with a deadly weapon in connection with the November 2012 fatal shooting of Patrick Lowe, court records show. Police said Flynn and Lawrence Fuller shot Lowe after a cocaine deal went wrong at an apartment complex near Twin Avenue and Paradise Road.

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