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Pizza, coffee, road building, coyotes and college basketball – we went everywhere on Friday Five today.

Roberta Road is closed. Not many people got the memo. Roberta Road is closed while a NC Department of Transportation contractor builds a roundabout at the intersection of Cochran Road and Brockville Street.

Kim and I drove there Thursday morning (after visiting Frank Leske Park) and snapped a photo of the shutdown and work. We stopped at Roberta Church of God (not sure if it still is, no recordings). In the short time we were there, there was a constant flow of traffic. I guess they didn’t believe the signs on George Liles Parkway/Stough Road.

NCDOT’s communications officer, Jane Thompson, said the road is supposed to open by August 26.

People also read…

The Reeves Construction Company of Duncan, South Carolina has a contract valued at $331,970.

Landscaping and vegetation creation around the rotors can continue until March 8, 2023, according to the contract with NCDOT.

During construction, drivers will be diverted to Cochran Road, Roberta Road, Blackwelder Road, NC 49 and Stough Road to return to Roberta Road.

NCDOT said in a press release that the roundabouts improve safety for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. It also helps reduce congestion and backups that are most common at traditional intersections with stop signs and traffic lights.

Roberta Road has been closed to build a roundabout at the intersection of Cochran Road and Brockville Street. It should reopen by August 26th.

Mark Plemons, The Independent

They did well around Caparros County. No doubt, traffic flows better at Poplar Tent, Cabarrus Avenue, and NC 73.

The roundabout at Odell School Road and Mooresville Highway/NC 3 couldn’t be worse than this dangerous intersection.

I will say I hate Davidson’s multi-lane lanes on the I-77 side of town. It probably works fine for someone who drives it regularly, but I’m never sure which route to use.

A new middle school opens in August. Just down the hill from the Roberta Roundabout is the new Roberta Road Middle School. Opens in August with the rest of the traditional schedule schools in Caparros County.

They have a nice logo. Sports teams will be called Raptors.

Between a new roundabout, a new school, and the already constant traffic, I’ve been avoiding this area for a while. It looks like a traffic jam is waiting to happen.

Roberta Road Raptors

Roberta Road Middle School opens in August. It will be the mascot of the Raptors.

Labor shortage question. Label this chalk as a semi-noisy and a question. How are we going to get enough workers for the billion-dollar projects Eli Lilly, Red Bull and companies, when we can’t even fill the many seemingly empty service jobs.

I know these are going to be different types of workers, but follow me for a minute. We want our employees to get better jobs and move to these companies. This creates other slots if they are already working. Some workers will have to come from abroad.

This creates a demand for more service workers – who we can’t actually hire. Perhaps some of our friends from the Deep South (Mexico, Central America, etc.) Or maybe some Eastern Europeans could fill in the spots.

Rosario’s Pizza, at Food Lion in Poplar Tent and George Liles, posted this on Facebook Thursday:

“Please be aware of our temporary changes. Pizza will be available all day. Kitchen will only be available from 11-4pm. Unfortunately, this is the only way we can stay open due to staffing issues. Please be patient with us, we are doing our best.” our effort.”

Rosario will still serve pizza in the evening.

I don’t think they are alone in limiting their business because of the shortage.

The other problem I foresee is that the cost of living here is too high for people to move here to work service industry jobs. I think we have a problem.

Renovations, wildlife and giving. Here are some short items:

* Coyotes in Kannapolis. My friend Paul Heywood told us about it. He saw a wolf crossing Medlec Road last week. “This is within Kannapolis city limits. We couldn’t believe it.” They are definitely there. I saw one a few years ago in Concord near Publix Place.

* Starbucks outside Carolina Mall is closed for renovations. The building permit said the work is valued at $250,239 and is being performed by RA Heath Construction of Buford, Georgia.

* KFC/Taco Bell outside The Village on Concord Parkway has been closed for several days for renovation work. The pass I found was for $25,000. That’s not much work these days.

*The Chewy Company, which has a distribution center in Salisbury, sent us a press release about Chewy Gives Back. Local employees participated in the national program and here are some results: More than 96 million meals were donated to animal rescue; Over 64 million pounds of pet food has been donated to support pets in need; 9000+ rubber shelter and rescue partners in communities nationwide; and 50 US states served by Chewy Gives Back donations.


This has nothing to do with Five Fridays, but I wanted to share one of the beautiful sunflowers we grow in Frank Leske Park.

Mark Plemons, The Independent

All Coast Conference. If you’re a sports fan, you know your doubts you’ve heard about reorganizing all conferences again. Texas and Oklahoma will be in the SEC. UCLA and Southern Cal are going to the Big 10. It’s all about TV dollars.

These two conferences will likely have huge TV deals, and their schools will have a lot more money.

As an ACC fan, I’m afraid one of two things will happen: Clemson, North Carolina and maybe others will get stuck. Clemson is likely on the Securities and Exchange Commission, and Carolina could go either way.

I will hate this. I remember the old days of eight or nine teams from the Atlantic Coast Conference. It was great. The teams played each other every year. It was great for local sports fans.

Then the mixing started in the 80s and exploded in the last 10 years.

ACC needs more teams now to be able to compete in the TV battle and this is the second possibility – expansion.

The best option is to jump in with the remaining Pac12 teams. Let’s call it the All Coast League or if you must ACC.

Television networks can have ACC games all day Saturday through the early morning hours of Sunday.

I don’t want to but it would be better than Carolina in the Big 10 or the SEC. We will see what happens.

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