First time homeowners in Evergreen

Kat Poelheimer and Joe Dowling were excited to become their first homeowners. They wanted to live under one roof together and originally looked at rental properties. However, as many renters are discovering these days, with low interest rates on mortgages, rent can be more expensive than a monthly mortgage payment.

Kat is a sales representative for Eagle Distributing Co. Joe works in the acquisition division of Mid-South Home Buyers and is also a liaison to the Environmental Court. The couple wanted to find a home in Midtown to be close to Overton Park. To begin their home search, they contacted Melody Bourell, an agent with Marx-Bensdorf Realtors.

the outside

Joe shared that they were referred to Melody by a friend who was a regular customer at a local restaurant while Kat was serving.

Kat added, “Working with Melody has been so helpful, attentive and fun. She got me away from the homes I jumped on very quickly. Her directions allowed me to finally find the perfect home. I would recommend her to any family or friend who was in the market for a home.”

The front room is a casual and comfortable space for relaxation and entertainment.

Joe said, ‘We knew we wanted to find a home with a fenced backyard for our three dogs. And we knew we really wanted to live in Midtown, the area just right for us. We looked at 10 or so homes and found a lovely bungalow, c. 1927, in Historic Evergreen. “.

The kitchen is small in size but has all the space needed to store and prepare food.

The brick bungalow had a welcoming front porch and the backyard garage was converted into a cozy outdoor lounge area. Plus, the backyard was gated and just the right size for three dogs. The couple paid $300,000 for the house. With just over 1,300 square feet of living space, it offers three bedrooms and one bathroom.

“The floor plan was typical of a one-story Craftsman-style house, but this house had a few extra touches, like arched doorways and ornately hinged French doors,” Kat said. “We felt right at home the first time we walked into the place.”

The dining area is just steps away from the kitchen.

With this home being their first home, Kat and Joe were excited to have the opportunity to exercise their choices to make it truly their own.

The outdoor entertainment area is the perfect place to host guests.

“When living in a rented house there was a lot you could do to personalize your space, and now that we’re home, our plans for the future include painting some accent walls, like a baseboard and a wall with a small shelf and hooks by the front door,” Joe said. Add a little color to the bedroom and kitchen.In addition, we would like to plant a large vegetable garden.The garden will be somewhat spaced out in the backyard.We plan to make two high beds along the fence and put another bed in the ground behind the shed, where we hope to prevent dogs than running over it. Furthermore, we’d like to add a half-bath.”

The master bedroom is a spacious and quiet room.

Kat and Joe are also happy with the neighborhood they’ve chosen. “Our whole street was very welcoming,” Kat said. “The community at Evergreen is diverse and everyone we met was very friendly. Joe and I are so excited to be part of this area and to settle in this home.”

Emily Adams Kiplinger is a freelance reporter who has produced this feature for the advertising department.

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