Floor pillow ideas to design, refresh and update your living room this summer

Summer is here, and the scorching heat outside makes us want to escape inside our cozy homes away from the sun and relax in a cool environment. You can reach for colors to paint your living space or rearrange the furniture, but if that sounds like too much of an effort, fear not. We have the solution in the form of some simple yet effective floor cushion ideas that you can use to beautify your living space in no time! Rethinking pillow ideas will pave the way for what is already a great piece of furniture, and also create a finished look that your guests will appreciate. Because let’s face it, your living room sofa is used a lot, so it deserves some help when it comes to keeping it looking its best.

Floor cushions along with an area rug are bound to become a cozy space in your home that you can use to watch your favorite show or play games with your kids. Here are some floor cushion recommendations for you:

1. Square Mahogany Life Pillows

This square pillow will elevate your space and add a pop of color to brighten up your living room and create a relaxing and lively atmosphere! It’s a great floor pillow for reading books or watching TV. You can play with your children on the floor intimately without feeling cold. Stuffed with premium quality cotton for a firm grip and comfort on the floor.

2. PIXEL HOME DECOR Check cotton with square floor pillows for cotton filling

Add extra floor seating in living rooms without any fixed sofa. Dyed in a vibrant color, this beautiful canvas adds a luxurious look to your space. It takes up little space and can be stacked when not in use. The floor cushion can also be used as a chair cushion for chairs at home that need more cushioning.

3. Life mahogany floor seating cushion

This brick red cushion is the perfect size for a squat individual. Its size, thickness and density give you maximum comfort while practicing meditation, pranayama, yoga etc. They are tufted to prevent clumps and flattening over time. It can also be used for home chair, beside bay window, bookstore, library, pet cafe, office, etc., helps relieve your back pain.

4. Handicraft Palace Cotton Round Cushion

Featuring a colorful blue print, this round floor pillow is made from the finest cotton fabrics that are gentle on the most sensitive skin types. It’s luxurious, colorful, and perfect for any relaxing boho retreat. You can put it by the window to enjoy the beautiful scenery in your office or use it as a yoga pillow.

5. Incasa Homes Round Floor Cushions

This thick pillow is well filled with cotton fibers, and is finished with several pleats to maintain shape and bounce. The softness of this floor cushion will make your day more enjoyable and relaxing. Its breathable and absorbent fabric prevents sweating. Moreover, it is very portable and can be added to the living room or bedroom floor as a seating option to entertain friends and family.

A floor cushion or pillow can provide additional seating in a small living space, act as a footstool, or simply help pull the look of a room together. Basically, it is one of the most affordable household items that can instantly elevate the look of your room. Get one of these today!

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