Freedom of expression and maximum personalization: Iris Ceramica semigres wall coverings

popularity wall coverings rebounded in recent years.

Custom wallpaper, decorations, woodwork, graphics are only a few of decorative wall coverings Turning walls into surfaces Great expressive power.
At a time in history marked by greatness selectivityNaturally, such solutions have carved out an important place for themselves contemporary design.

New materials and digital printing systems have led to the rediscovery of a The traditions of decoration and handicrafts Which has always maintained its charm, although it has often been set aside in recent decades in favor of cooler, minimalist climes.
But now people are rediscovering the joy of warm and comfortable spaces thanks to Surfaces in bright and bold colors that finds its natural place on the walls as part of decor.

This is the case in wall coverings presents it Iris ceramicswhose rich catalog is concentrated Authenticity, attention to detail and freedom of expression.
The last of them is a particularly important aspect: in addition to the chromatic diversity, which is evident at first glance, it is above all Many sizes, finishes and decorations which allow people to satisfy their desires and requirements of their designs, through modular combinations or mixed and matched combinations. This is reflected in semigres . groups Provided here: Majolica (in sizes 10×30, 20×20 and 60×20 cm), aura (10×30 cm) and mayo (10×20 cm).

Majolica It is the best pool group traditional handcraft with Contemporary Aesthetic Research. Designed for all types of spaces at home and elsewhere, the Mayolika Hotel has colorful subtle details that exude vintage charm. The wide color palette alternates with classic neutral tones with brighter and more intense shades on slightly muted backgrounds. live in lookCreate new color effects and schemes.
auraOn the other hand, it is “An art project with an artisanal mood that combines an urban aesthetic with simple lines and contemporary graphics.” New interpretation of bare bricksThe collection is “Simple yet Beautiful” in subtle yet sophisticated tones with striking shades and matte and glossy finishes. Aura is produced in one size of underlining wall tiles Iterative scheme dear to industrial and urban aesthetics.. The diversity of different motifs is an exception, which adds movement and originality.

Inspired by “Warm and Brilliant Earth Colors”And the mayo It is a particularly active collection that includes dreamlike gradations and well-calibrated natural elements. Creativity, with instant visual effect, may have a mysterious charm, A new version of ethnic flavors and memoriesFloral, geometric reminiscent of antique hand-painted cement tiles, with a large variety of patterns for high-impact visual solutions.
At the same time, the collection does not hide its experimental path, as is evident in its wide color palette, which includes all the colors usually associated with the nature of the Mediterranean: from classic black and white to earth tones, from shades of sky to green. Plants, bright colors of flowers and sunset.

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