French Patio Door Ideas – Stylish and Practical French Doors

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Ready to increase your home’s indoor and outdoor connection? French doors may be the missing link you need. “French patio doors are the perfect way to brighten and brighten a space while adding architectural interest to a room,” says designer Joshua Smith. “Instead of solid doors, they act as windows, letting in light and enhancing the view.” “I use it everywhere!”

Mark Lavender, director of M. Lavender Interiors, disagreed more: “They create such a classic look,” he asserts. “We like to use them as windows in living rooms or dining rooms or as doors in the areas leading to the porch”—or, in the case of the photo above, Juliet’s balconies.

“It’s a great way to create an open flow between indoors and outdoors,” says Brad Ramsay, founder of the eponymous design studio.

Looking to incorporate an elegant door style into your home? Keep scrolling for inspiration from dozens of design experts!

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“The style of the French patio door you choose should be consistent with the overall style of your home,” says designer Mark Lavender. “We tend to go for a simpler version with clean lines that give a timeless feel.”


Choose the perfect paint

Joshua Smith finished these French doors in Benjamin Moore White Dove (a perennial designer favourite). “The color changes throughout the day depending on the light,” he notes.


Consider the external interface

For French doors in this 1930s Spanish Hollywood Hills revival, Smith painted the outward-facing side in Benjamin Moore’s Middlebury Brown to add “more richness to the creamy exterior and terracotta tiled roof,” he explains.
Do you think French doors are a staple of traditional style? Think again: A four-panel French door connects the living room and patio in this contemporary residence by Jean Liu.


Frame with appropriate curtains

“Embracing the indoor-outdoor lifestyle, this pair of French doors leads to an adjoining outdoor living room and poolside lounge,” Los Angeles-based designer Stephanie Stein reveals. “Light filtered linen curtains and wooden doors add charm and character.”
French doors draw visitors to the pool area of ​​this Mediterranean-style residence in Calabasas, California, designed by Nikki Kehoe. Its flexibility ensures that the pool/guest house can be closed while still feeling connected to the outdoor space.
Round French doors help give a clean, modern look to this backyard seating area by Studio Lifestyle.
French doors line the entire wall of this spacious room by Jessica Lagrange, creating a unique entertaining space that allows guests to roam between the living room and outdoor patio.
In another project by Lagrange Design, a wall of chic French doors is painted glossy white in the warm and elegant dining room.
An abundance of sunlight streams through the stacked windows above the French doors in this double-height room designed by Living with Lolo.
In the outdoor dining area of ​​designer Michelle Prentice’s home in Beaufort, South Carolina, French doors are painted the same creamy icy white as the exterior walls.


Connect with them at home!

They don’t have to stick to the patio, either: “The light that streams through the breakfast room in this Piedmont, California home is the best in the house,” says designer Caitlin Jones Gypsy. “We used French doors to provide acoustic privacy to the creek next door, while still calling in all that beautiful light.”

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