Gedling borough: plan applications near you

Home expansions and new home proposals made up the most applications submitted to Gedling Borough Council in the past week.

Below is a summary of the latest plans that council planning officials will now decide on.

More details can be found on the Gedling Borough Council planning website here


Retroactive application to hold leachate storage tanks that were moved from within the site to near the entrance to the site

Landfill Dorket Head Calverton Road Arnold Nottingham Nottinghamshire NG5 8FF

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Ref. No: 2022/0681 NCC

Beech Tree – The tree lost about 30% of its crown in a storm. The remaining stem has been compromised and must be removed.

South Lodge Mansfield Road Arnold Nottingham Nottinghamshire NG5 8PN

Ref. No: 2022/0675TPO5

Conjugation of Conditions 4 (Materials), 8 (Landscape), 9 (CEMP) Planning Permission 2021/1331

4A Newcombe Drive Arnold Nottinghamshire

Ref. No: 2022/0667DOC

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Two ash trees die as the ash returns to two branches each hanging from the forest into a recreational space in our front garden. These branches (4 in total) will be removed.

Ramsdale Cottage Ramsdale Park Calverton Road Arnold Nottingham Nottinghamshire NG5 8PT

Ref. No: 2022/0662TPO5

The proposed one-storey rear extension

6 Gedling Road Arnold Nottinghamshire NG5 6NW

Ref. No: 0645/2022


No planning apps this week

Burton Joyce

No planning apps this week


dorm accommodation

Land beside 55 Raynals Way Calverton Nottingham Nottinghamshire NG14 6PH

Ref. No: 2022/0649

Two-storey side extension and one-storey rear extension

40 Lee Road Calverton Nottinghamshire NG14 6NA

Ref. No: 0623/2022


Two separate residences

58 Ernest Carlton Rd Nottinghamshire NG4 1PY

Ref. No: 0671/2022

Single storey rear side and rear extensions of two floors

4 Cross Street Carlton Nottinghamshire NG4 1QW

Ref. No: 0658/2022

One-storey back extension

2 Crescent Carlton Nottinghamshire NG4 1NL Freezer

Ref. No: 0644/2022


Non-material modification of permission 0982/2021 (the two-storey building section will now be retained, thus reducing the new build footprint from 294 sq m to 238 sq m)

Unit 16 Colwick Business Park Road No 2 Colwick Nottinghamshire

Reference Number: 2022/0637 NMA


Two-storey side extension

127 Digby Avenue Gedling Nottingham Nottinghamshire NG3 6DT

Ref. No: 0630/2022

Two-storey side extension, two-storey side extension, one-storey front extension

8 St Marys Avenue Gedling Nottinghamshire NG4 3NP

Ref. No: 0553/2022


No planning apps this week


No planning apps this week


No planning apps this week


Extension of the existing outbuilding/shed and use of the outbuilding in connection with existing childcare work on the property (retroactive).

19 Dennis Netherfield Street Nottinghamshire NG4 2HR

Ref. No: 2021/0713


Construction of an additional floor

Lord Byron House Newstead Abbey Park Station Avenue Newstead Nottingham Nottinghamshire NG15 8GE

Ref. No: 2022 / 0652PN



Discharge of Case 3 (Height and Ceiling Materials) and 4 (Border Processing Materials) from the Reserved Matters Permit 2017/1164

Cornwaterland Longdale Lane Ravenshead Nottinghamshire water fields

Ref. No: 2022/0684DOC

Extension of the ground floor of the existing garage

3A Kirkby Road Ravenshead Nottingham Nottinghamshire NG15 9HD

Ref. No: 2022/0485

red hill

Separate garage installation in front, modifications to existing roof including hip to gable to side roof slopes, front gable and construction of rear dormer windows, two decks and two deck rear extensions

513 Mansfield Rd Redhill Nottinghamshire NG5 8PG

Ref. No: 0686/2022

Stoke Bardolph

No planning apps this week


No planning apps this week


NMA related application 2021/1235 (Dorm expansion to create new shower room, utility and sunroom.)

2 Plains Grove Woodthorpe Nottingham Nottinghamshire NG3 5QU

Ref. No: 2022/0674 NMA

Construction of a one-storey outbuilding

14 Fisher Woodthorpe Street Nottinghamshire NG5 4JE

Ref. No: 0647/2022

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