Gig Harbor City Council Extends Short-Term Rental Moratorium

City Council voted to extend the moratorium on short-term rentals Monday night, again

Back in 2021, the city received complaints that it was difficult to apply for the correct permits to operate short-term rentals.

“Residents weren’t sure how to apply, what they would have to do and get the proper permit to run a short-term rental,” Laura Pettit, the city’s director of communications and tourism, told The Gateway this week. It is not a straightforward process. After city employees lodged complaints with the council, they advised employees to stop accepting new short-term rental permits. The moratorium was passed on September 27, 2021.”

Meanwhile, the planning committee took the time to review best practices and make recommendations to the board on what the application and permitting process should look like.

“The endowment allows the planning committee to take a deep look, listen to all sides, and assess what has worked in other cities,” Pettit said.

Pettit said the original six-month moratorium should have expired in April of 2022, but he extended it for an additional six months because it turned out to be a more complex problem than they initially thought. That means it was due to expire on September 28, 2022, until the council extended it again on Monday night.

Draft regulations on August 18 special meeting

There is a draft of what the new regulations for Airbnb-style rentals might look like.

The city council saw draft bylaws from the planning committee at its August 18 meeting. The draft included the application process and what it might look like for the owners to rent out their space.

Karl said De Sima, the city’s master planner for the gate.

The Planning Committee’s draft divided short-term rental definitions into three types.

  • Short-Term Lease 1- Residential Unit: It is a home occupation in addition to a short-term lease. This may require the housing unit to be the primary residence of the operator. Meaning it will be their normal place of residence for most of the year (183 days). It will require a commercial license, which is renewed annually.
  • Short-term rent 2 – an apartment or an apartment. that it Not It is required to be the primary residence of the operator. However, the operator will need to Basic accommodation somewhere within the city limits. If the property is in a commercial area, it will not have the basic residency requirement. Will require a short-term rental permit (new permit type being developed by the city And the It will also require a commercial license.

“Requiring someone to have primary residence in the city in order to operate a short-term rental is something we have come to grips with because we understand that these regulations are intended to allow short-term rentals and also limit their number within the city in some respects,” said De Sima. “It’s also a way of making sure that the people who run short-term rentals in the city have some stake within the city there.”

  • Short Term Rental 3 – Covers only live rentals (boats). According to the definition corresponding to the Shoreline Master programme, my property must be the primary residence of the operator and at Commercial Marina. It will require a short-term rental permit and a business license.

“The regulation is still in draft form. We have had many iterations of the regulations over time in the last year,” de Simaz told The Gateway.

This is the tenth edition of the draft.

The planning committee was supposed to publish the final draft of the decree on September 2. It is then posted for 10 days before being presented at a city council meeting on Monday for feedback from the council and the public. This did not happen.

“Given the active development of the local and national legal landscape on this subject, the city has decided to pause and assess the law against recent developments in case law,” the mayor said, Tracie Markley’s weekly September 2.

Caroline suggested that recent case laws include cities, telling operators they have to

At a city council meeting on Monday, the council voted to extend the moratorium until XXXX?????

“Gig Harbor has never looked to ban short-term rentals entirely. The goal is to find a balanced law that works for everyone and is appropriate for our city.” “It is important to listen to all voices and to have a policy that is common sense and reflects the views of all our voters.”

owners frustrations

The further extension of the moratorium for short-term rental owners has left a feeling XXXXX They are closely watching how the city is moving forward with real estate regulation

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