Gingko’s Dragonflight Balance Light is part table lamp, part kinetic sculpture

With a design that goes beyond mere functionality, the Genko Dragonflight Balance Light has a unique interactive quality that makes it absolutely irresistible. Located precariously on a vertical platform, the dragonfly-shaped lamp invites you to touch and play with it, making it both visually and physically attractive!

Created by UK-based Gingko Design, Dragonflight Balance Light is located within the company’s command room for unusually creative lighting products. Like all other lights, the Dragonflight Balance Light is built of wood and runs on LEDs. The light takes the shape of a dragonfly, with LED panels built into the underside of the two pairs of wings. The body of the dragonfly is made from laser-cut wood (maple or walnut), and a single power button on the back allows you to turn on the light and toggle through the four brightness settings. However, talking about the Dragonflight Balance Light is incomplete without talking about the fun act of balancing!

Designer: Paul Sun by Ginkgo Design

Click here to buy now: $169.15 $199 (15% off with coupon code “YANKO-DBL”). Hurry up, offer ends May 1.

The lamp’s shape is designed to be completely symmetrical, and has a center of gravity located directly at the tip of the dragonfly’s head – a feature that allows it to balance transversely on any surface. The Dragonflight Balance Light comes with its own wooden balancing platform (which raises the lamp at a height to make it an efficient lighting device), although it can be balanced on pretty much any narrow object, from the corner of a table/shelf to even your fingertips! Once the light is balanced, it can be effectively ‘fidgeted’ by pushing it, only to have it swing back and forth before settling back into its balanced position.

This practical aspect is what really makes the Dragonflight Balance Light a unique tabletop accessory. It’s a lamp, but it’s more than just a lamp—it’s also the contemporary equivalent of Newton’s cradle (those table games with swinging steel orbs). The Dragonflight Balance Light adds light and glamor to your table, inviting your hands to play with it constantly, while still serving traditionally as a dimmable light that effectively illuminates your table with a bright diffused glow.

The fun and interactive lamp illusion is made possible by the fact that the Dragonflight Balance Light is completely wireless. The 650mAh rechargeable Li-on battery powers the light for between 3 and 36 hours (depending on the brightness setting), and a USB-C port on the back of the dragonfly lets you connect your flashlight to recharge the battery. Each Dragonflight Balance Light is made from natural maple or FSC certified solid walnut and comes packaged (with barrel stand) in a premium gift box. YD readers can get the Dragonflight Balance Light at a special 15% discount with the code “Yanko-DBL“.

Click here to buy now: $169.15 $199 (15% off with coupon code “YANKO-DBL”). Hurry up, offer ends May 1.

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