Giorgetti’s outdoor life tour with Brera Interni

an introduction

Brera Interiors The studio specializes in providing high-end home furnishings and decorations at competitive prices. Brera Interiors It is the best choice for outdoor living products. Giorgetti has always been a sure bet on outdoor living products due to its long history, wealth of knowledge and attention to detail in the cabinetry industry. A pioneer in modern design with distinctive aesthetics, combining the finest standards of craftsmanship and woodworking tradition with the latest product technologies.

Brera Interiors It has many types of Giorgetti brand Abroad live products.

Giorgetti Meda is known for integrating the highest quality, innovative design, manufacturing, engineering and production skills together. As a result, there are many options for furniture, decorative additions and other things.

Giorgetti, which has been around for 120 years, looks to the future with the hope of advancing knowledge and defining the living experience.

The Giorgetti Open-Air collection includes furniture, sofas, bar tables and sun loungers. Giorgetti will soon unveil a luxury brand exterior aesthetic that combines comfort, sophistication and gentleness. A style that adheres to the brand’s overall elegant aesthetic, with an emphasis on continuous studies and the use of organic fibers.

  1. outdoor brands Apsara is a customizable wood and fabric chair series that can be installed in different types to suit each individual’s requirements and area constraints. In order to create a cozy comfort, the seating is installed on a platform made of wood and aluminum with soft padding covered in a waterproof fabric. Apsara is also appreciated by a range of all kinds of bar tables.
  2. Gea is a complete furniture series designed by architect Chi Wing Lo that includes furniture, chairs, and household items. With a carob-brown steel frame and height-adjustable shelves, tables and coffee tables are made of Abonos oak (a form of non-renewable wood), Formosia wood or gray marble. The two-seater sofa is made of materials relatively similar to the three-seater, including luxurious textiles and waterproof cushions. The reclining daybed is made of Abonos oak and features a sophisticated tactile process that adjusts both the backrest and footrest. Standard or rocking leather chairs and chairs in brown carob metal and untreated birch.
  3. canopy garden bed
    Giorgetti developed the Apsara Modular Seating System to offer its outdoor range, and has since expanded, giving a greater degree of customization to meet any comfort requirement. A new chaise longue is available with a reclining backrest, which can be completed with a number of small tables that can either be freestanding or attached to a chaise longue. Once again, Ludovica and Roberto Palumba drew inspiration from the idea of ​​simple living when they created an ultra-low platform made of carob-colored aluminum alternating with Formosia wood slats. This platform is used to support a mobile combination of pillows with detachable and waterproof covers, making it possible to relax outside. The utility of the chaise longue is complemented by a cover slip made of either woven leather or metal, ensuring comfort.

Giorgetti’s Open Air Series is incredibly comprehensive and matches his other designs, perfect for creating a relaxing and natural outdoor living space.

Giorgetti's outdoor life tour with Brera Interni

Giorgetti’s use of Abroad Living concept
Giorgetti, their atelier in Via Serbelloni and their shop in Via Durini, showcased the new collections and permanent designs in September of last year. Reinforcing optimism and in support of Milanese and Italian design, the atelier presented the latest collections in a stunning architectural and living environment. Behind the entrance, a 500-meter-high room was revealed, welcoming everyone inside. Rooms – The sitting room and separate sitting room doubles as a dining room, office and bedroom with changing room and patio. – Show one by one Giorgetti’s skill in producing complete real scenarios.
A short distance from the famous Palazzo Durini, Milan’s second location is the recently renovated store, which is located on two elevated levels and fully captures the culture and design of Giorgetti’s aesthetic.

Table Enso – The Enso table, which is made of wood and comes with a round, oval-shaped top defined by solid wood and polished wood, the monolithic presence of wrap-around seat backs commands, focus on the details, especially the sensual cut open from the back, which recalls the many creative works of high fashion.

Vesper sofaThe innovative Vesper sofa was created by Roberto Lazzeroni, and it was undoubtedly another focal point. “It is a system, an idea. According to the designer, it is a dynamic, dynamic sofa that moves throughout the space in a certain shape, adjusting as needed.

tomorrow In fact, Alda is a complete furniture system that can be used both inside and out. The armchairs, modular sofas, cushions, and coffee tables are elegantly designed to represent the space and create the illusion of a little paradise.

ji The Gea sofa is the focus of your outdoor space because it’s durable and makes a big impact. Protected stainless steel sofa with waterproof seat and backrest cushions, plus tubes made from waterproof technical fabric exterior.

Aharon – SHIRLEY bench and mirror by Carlo Colombo, UYUNI mirror by M2Atelier and hinged bar tables, Giancarlo Bosio’s SUMMA and OTTO cushions, SUMMA and OTTO cushions by Centro Ricerche Giorgett


The concept of outdoor living has become so essential in Giorgetti’s lifestyle that this year the company interpreted it as a design by Carlo Colombo, whose impressive expressive ability blurs the line between indoor and outdoor. To get the best Giorgetti experience, you should take a look at Brera Interiors.

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