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Pipe Recycling Market was valued at USD 8,162.86 Million in 2021 and is expected to reach USD 11,236.02 Million by 2028; It is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 4.7% from 2021 to 2028.

Increasing value over traditional pipe restoration methods drives pipe lining market growth

In the past, property managers, municipalities, and homeowners used traditional pipe replacement methods to fix leaking, cracking, and root problems in their pipes. The traditional process consists of digging trenches and is very time consuming. Also, traditional pipe renovation can be costly, particularly when damaged pipes are located under lawns or tiled floors, or behind finished walls.

Thus, the traditional replacement method involves the destruction of all objects that cover the pipe. if the pipes are laid underground, the system must be closed; Next, the concrete base must be dug and removed, along with any filler. The tubes will then be removed and disposed of. Next, new tubes will be installed, followed by a testing process.

Once the process is complete after a lot of interruption, the tubes will be ready to go. Ultimately, contractors will need to restore damaged landscaping and parts of the building. Thus, the associated advantages of pipe lining technology over conventional methods are fueling the growth of the pipe lining market.

Pipe lining helps repair pipes without damage and protects pipes from many types of failures such as corrosion, debris buildup, root intrusion and leaks. Moreover, it is a restoration method without drilling and does not require drilling.

Hence, pipe lining technology is the most effective and emerging solution for restoring damaged pipe systems outside and inside buildings increasing adoption of pipe lining technology fueling the growth of pipe lining market.

Furthermore, pipe liners help protect carry-on materials from mixing with metals inside the pipes that can cause lead to leaching or decompose. Pipe lining is a convenient solution for drain lines and portable water line repairs. This technology can be used for vertical applications, mechanical systems and deck drains which will drive the growth of the lined pipe market even more in the coming years.

Additionally, lining can help increase pipe flow which further drives the pipe lining market. For example, in November 2021, Capital Sewer Services (CSS) awarded a $23.25 million contract for a project in Toronto, Canada to rehabilitate approximately 2,280 square meters of sewerage highlighting the benefits of many non-trenching methods, such as treatment In place pipe lining (CIPP), sliding glass reinforced plastic (GRP), shotcrete lining. Thus, the increasing adoption of pipe lining due to the advantages associated with it is driving the growth of the lining market.

Many advanced economies around the world face significant challenges due to aging water infrastructure. These cities are also experiencing continuous growth and urbanization, which has resulted in a growing need to restore pipeline systems which is expected to drive the growth of the lining market.

Many cities in Europe and North America are the oldest in the world. Consequently, there is a growing concern with outdated infrastructure, inaccessible water systems, and smaller pipelines. The condition of groundwater infrastructure, sewage maintenance, and clean water supply are some of the major areas in need of financial assistance.

Cities and municipalities are at great risk and need an immediate and cost-effective solution. Thus, outdated infrastructure and rapid growth in urbanization are notable factors that are attributed to the growth of the lining market during the forecast period.

The main findings of the study:

North America occupied the largest market share for pipe connection in 2020. The growth of the re-pipe market in the region is attributed to the growth of legacy pipeline infrastructure and increased investment in sewer line maintenance. North America is a technologically advanced region with a strong infrastructure sector, where companies are constantly focused on exploring new technologies to improve efficiency.

Municipal treatment plants are very old and have outdated infrastructure, and with the growing population in the area, releases from this sewage have become a problem for surface water facilities. Pipeline lining has proven to be very beneficial as it is inexpensive compared to replacing the existing pipeline with drilling.

Also, the downtime for repairing sewer pipes by treating them from the inside is also very low. A quick repair of the sewage pipe can be done and any harmful intrusion of toxic substances into surface water and other environmental objects can be prevented. The demand for rapid and cost-effective solutions in the country’s construction sector is expected to support the growth of the lining market.

Sanitation infrastructure is aging rapidly, and with timely interventions from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) it is expected to drive market growth in the US. Canada’s extensive pipeline networks are implemented for residential, commercial and home complexes.

The size of the pipe lining market is growing at a faster pace in the coming years due to the increasing need to restore old pipeline infrastructure and pipeline facilities. Therefore, the pipe lining market is expected to grow at a steady pace in the country.

Key market dynamics

Market Drivers

  • Increased value over traditional pipe restoration methods increases their adoption

  • Obsolete infrastructure in developed economies is creating demand for wastewater recovery, thus driving the plumbing market

market restrictions

  • Lack of awareness of pipe lining without drilling

Market Opportunities

  • Increasing government investments in wastewater management and upgrading the wastewater infrastructure

future trends

  • Cost reduction to highlight future growth

Key company profiles

  • Advanced Trenchless Inc.

  • Inner Tube Rehabilitation LLC

  • roto rotor

  • Silverlining Holding Company

  • Agion Company

  • Specialized Piping Technologies

  • No corporate flow

  • Perma Liner Industries LLC

  • Rpb . Company

  • Pipe Repair Solutions

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