Good morning, news: Affordable housing tenants see rent increase, city council candidate gets rent deal from donor, 20 quadrillion ant

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Good morning Portland—Happy fall first day! I decided to celebrate by catching a cold for the first time in three years, which I wouldn’t recommend. I Will be We recommend celebrating with a warm drink and enjoying some news.

In local news:

• She was renting affordable Portland housing $833 for a two-bedroom apartment for years until this year, when the new owner increased her rent by 50 percent to $1,236 a month. The increase is entirely legal due to loopholes in the city’s affordable housing protection that tie the definition of “affordable housing” to the value of the Portland real estate market.

City Council candidate Renee Gonzalez was fined $77,140 for receiving a 96 percent discount on his downtown campaign office space, which election officials determined was a campaign contribution from building owner Jordan Schnitzer and, therefore, in violation of election laws. Gonzales’ argument is that downtown Portland is so pissed off that paying $250 rent (for an office listed for $6,900) is accurate to the market value of the office.

• While Action 110 got $300 million to fund addiction treatment, two addiction experts warned that tackling Oregon’s high rate of drug abuse requires more than money. Testifying before the Senate Committee on the Elimination and Implementation of Ballot Measure 110, experts said the current situation in Oregon for widely available drugs with little pressure to stop their use You will continue to promote widespread addiction with minimal treatment seeking. Experts advised state leaders to do more to push people towards treatments and reduce street drugs – but they did not advise canceling the 110 procedure itself.

• Assessment test scores in Oregon are down 9 percent this year — standardized tests taken for the first year in the wake of the pandemic. “We clearly know why our overall proficiency rates are low,” Colt Gill, director of the Oregon Department of Education, told OPB, attributing the decline to school disruption and stress.

In national and international news:

• Nationwide protests continued in Iran following the death of an Iranian woman in police custody after she was arrested by the Morality Police – the police charged with enforcing the country’s laws against indecency. A video clip shows Mahsa Amini collapsing at a ‘re-education center’ after being arrested for ‘guiding’ on her clothes. Police say Amini had a heart attack and fell into a coma, but her family says she had no previous heart conditions and that doctors refused to let them see her body, leading to widespread doubts about police accounts of her death.

• The House committee leading the investigation into the January 6 rebellion holds its final public hearing next week, September 28, at 1 p.m. (raise your hand if you forgot this happened). Committee members say the hearing will include new evidence relating to former Vice President Mike Pence that has not been made public.

• Nearly 200 whales died ashore in Tasmania on Thursday after rough seas defied rescue efforts. While wildlife officials aren’t sure why there are so many whales ashore in the same area, the area where the whales died is noticeably shallow. In September 2020, more than 400 whales were stuck on sandbars on the same beach, indicating an ecological pattern.

• For every human on Earth, there are an estimated 2.5 million ants, or About 20 quadrillion in total. This is according to a study by the University of Hong Kong and the University of Würzburg, which called the number A conservative estimate.

• Listen…. Sometimes you have to shout it out. If you live in a place where your neighbors are concerned if they hear you screaming, feel free to shove your face into a pillow before joining in. The crocodile will start with us:

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