Gotham Garage is building a six-figure Corvette Mako Shark 2 for Jason Oppenheim

Gotham Garage has finally managed to sell the dubious concept car and six-figure motorcycle. Ironically, this was the only six-figure sale we saw in Car Masters: Rust to Riches Season 4 through Episode VI! As fame and word spread as Mark and his crew sold the concept duo for $285,000, many high-profile clients recognized them.

And that’s how Sean Pilot got Jason Oppenheim because he was so interested in getting a Gotham Garage car. His brief was simple, and he wanted to build a one-off muscle car but with a futuristic appeal. Mark suggests a radical build on the basis of the Chevy Corvette Mako Shark 2.

Being a six-figure, the Gotham Garage team goes the extra mile to get unique touches throughout the car. They modify the exterior and interior of the classic Corvette to act as an eye-catcher. The powertrain and other mechanical components were left untouched to provide a balance between practicality and wild appeal.

this is Chevrolet A build becomes critical to the store because if it is done right, word will spread like wildfire among the high end customer base, thanks to Jason. The construction of Gotham Garage also saw the use of exotic materials to bring about the “wonderful” factor.

Gotham Garage is building a one-off Mako Shark 2 in Corvette C3 that fuses classic, modern and sporty pieces from the iconic real estate king of Los Angeles.

A one-off build based on the Corvette C3 for a very prominent customer

Shawn Hooks Mark and the team with the surprisingly early and well-maintained Corvette C3 as the donor vehicle for this highly customer build. Speaking of which, Jason Oppenheim contacted Gotham Garage to build this radical muscle car. He got the idea for the car the shop did and was very impressed with the original ideas the team came up with. Therefore, he introduced an idea of ​​\u200b\u200bthe complex and subtle construction of a classic muscle car.

He wanted to incorporate the essence of classic muscle cars and the complexity of modern technology into this unique design. Judging from all the input Jason had given, Mark showed him a picture of a Chevy Mako Shark 2 concept car that was a concept car from the 1960s. Jason was off construction and surprised Mark and Sean by offering a six-figure sum if they were correct.

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Exterior shape inspired by Mako Shark 2 with cool features

The Mako Shark 2 was a concept car designed and shown at the 1965 New York Auto Show. It was based on the C3 Corvette and was Bill Mitchell (Vice Chief Design Staff at General Motors) vision for sports cars of the future.

The design was futuristic and seamless design. The car still looks modern and in keeping with the modern design of the car even today. Gotham Garage progressed in its evolution into this truly futuristic design to build a unique vehicle for Jason.

The front end was given an expensive job with a custom carbon fiber bumper. The sides of the bumper are designed to mimic the gills of a shark. The rear fender has been extended to house a much wider set of tires. Jason loves the side exhaust system on the Mako Shark 2 and so Mark incorporated his version of the same into the chassis and chrome plated it.

Complementing the chrome was a set of custom wheels polished to perfection. The rear third quarter has been significantly modified. The roofline was changed and a custom fiberglass body panel was created to mimic the fastback’s roofline. The final design, when viewed from the side, was reminiscent of the racing cars of the 1960s.

As for the rear fascia, the taillight section is fitted with a custom metallic casing and finished with a rear spoiler. Mark gave this build a very unique paint job. It started at the bottom with a darker gray shade before moving to blue for the majority of the exterior. The custom front bumper has also been given a custom fitment for the two-piece metal splitter.

A modern and sporty interior transformation

The other half of Jason Oppenheim’s brief was to make his car as modern as possible. To achieve this aspect, Mark gave a sporty overhaul to the interior with all the modern bells and whistles in terms of tech features. The instrument panel was positioned with the digital instrument cluster cut-out and the car was fitted with an on/off push button.

Seating contributed to the sporty front as Gotham Garage slipped into the cool BRAUM race seats. The steering wheel has been swapped out with a MOMO ready unit. The dashboard was covered in leather which added to its luxurious appeal.

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Retain the powertrain for an efficient package

Since the donor car was offered as a late-model C3 Corvette, we suspect it will carry either a carbureted L81 engine with 190 hp or a fuel-injected L83 engine with 200 hp. Either way, these engines were leaning a bit more toward the efficiency front which is why the Gotham Garage team didn’t play around with the mechanical aspect of this build.

Six-figure deal and advanced exposure

Construction was completed and shown to Jason in one of his offices. This was a very important design for Gotham Garage which can either take them to the next step when it comes to premium customers or bring them back to zero. But Jason was impressed with the one-off build and was more than happy to part with $100,000 for the build.

This design turned golden goose helped Mark and the Gotham Garage team make their mark among the discerning clients out there. Jason’s positive response is a clear indication that more six-figure cars are coming out of Gotham Garage!

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